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RELEASED Universal Chibi Head


Contributing Artist
I have started this project in November 2015, and it was something I have always wanted to have - a universal chibi head! "Chibi" is a Japanese Anime/manga style often used to turn regular character into a cute child version.


With the Universal Chibi Head (UCH), you will be able to "chibi-nize" any figures you might have in either Poser or DS. No special tools are required - all you need is already included in Poser and DS. If you know how to parent things and toggle items visibility, you are ready to get started.

Along with useful tips and hints from the readme file, I am also including video tutorials for Poser and DS on how to create "composite" figures in minutes.


What's Included & Features

* Video tutorial showing how to use the product in Poser
* Chibi head for Poser (CR2)
* 155 morph dials organized in 11 categories
* 30 facial expression presets (PZ2)
* 10 dial facial expression presets
* 8 Eye color presets (MC6)
* 30 skin tone presets (MC6)
* 8 Texture maps
* 2 texture templates

* Video tutorial showing how to use the product in DAZ Studio
* Chibi head for DS (DUF)
* 155 morph dials organized in 11 categories
* 30 facial expression presets (DUF)
* 10 dial facial expression presets
* 8 Eye color presets (DUF)
* 30 skin tone presets (DUF)
* 8 Texture maps
* 2 texture templates

* 155 Chibi Head dials:
Eyes Up-Down
Eyes Side-Side
Eyes Crossed
Eyes Close
Eyes Close_r
Eyes Close_l
Eyes OpenWide
Eyes Open Wide_r
Eyes Open Wide_l
Eyes Tiny
Eyes Happy
Eyes Happy_r
Eyes Happy_l
Eyes Cinical
Eyes BottomFlat
Eyes Bottom Flat_r
Eyes Bottom Flat_l
Eyes Squint
Eyes Squint_r
Eyes Squint_l
Eyes Serious
Eyes Serious1_r
Eyes Serious1_l
Eyes Serious2
Eyes Serious2_r
Eyes Serious2_l
Eye Shapes
Eyes Shape1
Eyes Shape1_r
Eyes Shape1_l
Eyes Shape2
Eyes Shape2_r
Eyes Shape2_l
Eyes Shape3
Eyes Shape3_r
Eyes Shape3_l
Eyes Shape4
Eyes Shape4_r
Eyes Shape4_l
Eyes Shape5
Eyes Shape5_r
Eyes Shape5_l
Eyes Shape6
Eyes Shape6_r
Eyes Shape6_l
Eyes Expression Special
Lashes Pointy1
Lashes Pointy1_r
Lashes Pointy1_l
Lashes Pointy2
Lashes Pointy2_r
Lashes Pointy2_l
Lashes Pointy3
Lashes Pointy3_r
Lashes Pointy3_l
Lashes Pointy4
Lashes Pointy4_r
Lashes Pointy4_l
Lashes Pointy5
Lashes Pointy5_r
Lashes Pointy5_l
Lashes Out
Lashes Out_r
Lashes Out_l
Brows Up
Brows Up_r
Brows Up_l
Brows Down
Brows Down_r
Brows Down_l
Brows Closer
Brows Thickness
Brows Out
Brows Turn
Brows Turn_r
Brows Turn_l
Brows Spin
Brows Spin_r
Brows Spin_l
Brows Straight
Brows Straight_r
Brows Straight_l
Brows Male
Brows Mad
Brows Mad_r
Brows Mad_l
Brows Sad1
Brows Sad1_r
Brows Sad1_l
Brows Sad2
Brows Sad2_r
Brows Sad2_l
Brows Surprised
Brows Surprised_r
Brows Surprised_l
Cheeks Round
Cheeks Happy
Mouth Happy
Mouth Happy_r
Mouth Happy_l
Mouth SmileClosed
Mouth Smile Closed_r
Mouth Smile Closed_l
Mouth O
Mouth BigO
Mouth Big O_r
Mouth Big O_l
Mouth Wide
Mouth Wide_r
Mouth Wide_l
Mouth LowNarrow
Mouth Close
Mouth CornersDown
Mouth Corners Down_r
Mouth Corners Down_l
Mouth Triangle
Mouth Cat
Mouth Whistle
Mouth Tiny
Mouth Stress
Mouth Stress_r
Mouth Stress_l
Mouth Square
Mouth Puff
Mouth Puff_r
Mouth Puff_l
Lips Purse
Lips Fuller
Ears Size
Ears Out
Ears Long
Ears LongOut
Neck Gone
Chin Shape
Muzzle out

The head is capable of a wide range of expressions, to include some iconic cartoonish ones. The dials allow the creation of symmetric and asymmetric expressions. I am providing 30 expression pose presets, plus 10 in-dial facial expressions. Those are just a small sample of the wide range of possible facial expressions you can create with the dials.


As it was with the "Universal Anime Head" this one can be used with ANY figure in Poser or DS, and hence, it's "universal". The head topology and rigging have greatly improved over the "Universal Anime Head", and I am proud of the improvements I have introduced in this version. The materials are simple enough to work with any rendering engine, to include Firefly, Superfly, Cycles, 3Delight, I-ray, Lux and Octane.

This week I am submitting the Poser and DS distros for internal beta-testing, so I should get a final version candidate very soon. Fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly. :)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I'm not really into Manga characters, but she sure is cute. :)

Are folks going to be able to use it on characters other than Nearme?


Contributing Artist
I'm not really into Manga characters, but she sure is cute. :)
Are folks going to be able to use it on characters other than Nearme?
The promos include examples with a variety of figures, to include Genesis in DS. You can use it with ANY figure, and I am including video tutorials specific to Poser and DS on how to do it in each program. The steps are the same no matter what figure you use. ^^


Contributing Artist
That should make things easy for folks to use it. :)
If you know how to parent things, and to toggle items visibility on/off, you have all you need to use this head with any figure. It's really that easy. The tutorials have about 3 mins, where I show how to create a composite figure, and then how to match the materials between head and body, step-by-step. If I didn't have to explain each step and provide some hints on best usage, the videos would have about 20 seconds. :)


Contributing Artist
and he really does mean any figure Miss B, I had a quick play months ago not with the Chibi head tho it was the Anime one but I assume it works the same :D
Haha REALLY any figure. Anything that has a head can use it. ^^


Contributing Artist
To prove that this is really figure and Poser/DS agnostic, here's one with the original Genesis figure in DS4, rendered in with I-ray. :)

And this one is with DawnSE in Poser, rendered with SuperFly. So, any figure, anywhere. :)

Maybe this will make Poser fun again. After almost a year and and a half rebuilding my runtimes (and really getting nowhere fast), I'm kind of not having much fun any more. I can see this breathing life in a lot of figures and their clothing, much as UAH was before my runtime drive malfunctioned.


Contributing Artist
Oh yes, the "universal" heads are exactly meant to breath new life into your existing figures and contents. I prefer a new head than a new figure. When we can use ALL of our existing contents with the head, the fear of clothing conversions is a thing of the past. :)

This one is with Maisie body + UCH.



Contributing Artist
Poser Kids4 Morphs++ had a Chibi morph. Of course not toony or anime, but it was a little larger head, small mouth. Then there was Nana, the original toon Chibi for Poser. I had her too. She was cute.
I wonder if these figures have the cartoonish expression range I am showcasing here? :)


I wonder if these figures have the cartoonish expression range I am showcasing here? :)
Not sure about that. Have you looked into Star? She has those big eyes and the type of toon lashes like you show. She's very expressive. There's 2 versions. One for G3F and the other is the original Star which is a fully rigged standalone figure. I have both of them. Anime, but not sure if they have that fully anime look you want.

Star! Original Figure | 3D Models and 3D Software by Daz 3D
Star 2.0 for Genesis 3 Female | 3D Models and 3D Software by Daz 3D