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  1. Lilikh Battle Angel

    Lilikh Battle Angel

    Featuring 3-DArena's Sam, and Arki's Malaik Wings. Lilikha Outfit for Genesis 8 by HM, and Poisen's Morphing Demon Mask
  2. Appleseed


  3. VERSUS Rejuvenate Dress

    VERSUS Rejuvenate Dress

    VERSUS - dforce Rejuvenate Dress G3G8 by Anagord
  4. Kareena


  5. Mekana


  6. Manga Girl

    Manga Girl

  7. Exhibition


    dforce - Exhibition - G8F by kaleya
  8. Dragon Hunt

    Dragon Hunt

    Michiko by Mousso for Genesis 8, Dragons, Dragon Hunt weapons
  9. Gally - Battle Angel Alita

    Gally - Battle Angel Alita

  10. Mariko


    Meet Mariko, a mixed Asian inspired character.
  11. Ken1171

    RELEASED Universal Chibi Head

    I have started this project in November 2015, and it was something I have always wanted to have - a universal chibi head! "Chibi" is a Japanese Anime/manga style often used to turn regular character into a cute child version. With the Universal Chibi Head (UCH), you will be able to...
  12. Aiko's light

    Aiko's light

    An image with a return of old products ... Aiko 3 with morphology made by me. For the dragon of Daz I just used the body, texturing it within Vue. Thanks for look!
  13. Kitty Sphinx Iray

    Kitty Sphinx Iray

  14. Kitty Sphinx

    Kitty Sphinx

  15. Kitty Dawn

    Kitty Dawn

    Playing with a fantasy texture :)