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  1. F

    Head not lined up?

    I made a topic a bit ago describing that when I export my model from DAZ 3D, during the export process, the head becomes giant and falls out of place. It winds up that way no matter what program I open it in afterward (Blender, 3DS MAX). I did find a solution for that problem. If I export the...
  2. F

    Keep head permanently hidden?

    Is there a way to keep the original Genesis 8 character model's head permanently hidden? I replaced my character's head with another one, and I just hid the G8 model's head, but when I export the character model for posing references, the G8 head reappears. Is there a way to permanently hide the...
  3. F

    Completely get rid of head?

    In DAZ 3D, is there a way to completely get rid of the Genesis 8 model's head? I replaced my character's head with another one and just hid the G8 head, but I'm trying to export my character model for posing references, so the G8 head will reappear if I do that, and ruin everything. How can I...
  4. Noah


    VERSUS MODELS - Head Morphs for G8M Vol1 by Anagord - Noah shape
  5. VERSUS Julija

    VERSUS Julija

    VERSUS MODELS - Head Morphs for G8F Vol1
  6. Ken1171

    RELEASED Universal Chibi Head

    I have started this project in November 2015, and it was something I have always wanted to have - a universal chibi head! "Chibi" is a Japanese Anime/manga style often used to turn regular character into a cute child version. With the Universal Chibi Head (UCH), you will be able to...
  7. Faery_Light

    Question on DAZ smart props

    When you create a prop and smart prop it, do you always have to select the body part before loading the prop so it will work? My horns props will not smart prop if I load it to the full body, I have to select the head first. Is that the correct way/