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This Ain't Rocket Science...and I can prove it.


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Super cool bike (and has some poses for Dawn, too!)


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Has anyone tried it in DS? I have it in my trolley but I was hoping to find out if it works first as I don't really use Poser for anything other than creating stuff for others...Poses will normally work but I want to make sure the bike does also.


Those are nice outfits David. You are right about this stuff not being rocket science, but lots of people struggle with it. I'm doing a ZBrush class this last while and I find it easy enough to learn. Not bragging or anything, but I'm usually learning the next part of the course while we are still on the current one.
But some of the others in the class have problems and are always behind with the course assignments. It seems they just don't get it. It's not due to age either, some of the 40 somethings are able to get the hang of it quicker than some of those in their 20s. Some of them ask me for help and when I do help and they still don't get it, it gets frustrating. I wouldn't want to be a teacher.


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Teaching is very difficult at times. Its all about knowing lots of different strategies to teach something. What works for one student doesn't always work best for others.


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I keep saying I'm not into this style....BUT this Bike keeps "pull'in me, especially with the poses for Dawn...will pick it up soon! :)

PS Got it...and THANK YOU for making a POSER product! :)
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