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The Goblin Figure WIP

Discussion in 'Show Me The Honey' started by tate, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Alisa

    Alisa HW3D QAV Queen Bee QAV-BEE

    Welcome Back, Tate!!
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  2. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    YAY!!! Tate is BACK IN THE HOUSE!!

    Glad to see you back Tate, and glad to hear R/L issues are calming down so we can see you here more often. :)
  3. tate

    tate Eager Contributing Artist

    I know I'm obsessing. Getting very OCD with this one.

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  4. tate

    tate Eager Contributing Artist

    Quick update. Today I focused on creating a "Basic" version of the figure that will work in most versions of Poser and, work well with Daz Studio. I have minimal experience with DS so, it is taking me a few. I want him to work well for all the DS users and render well out of the box. There will be two versions. This basic version and, a weight mapped version for newer versions of Poser. I'm calling it a day. Now I just need to work on some sort of clothing, like a loin cloth, so he is not naked. ;) I'm trying to get him done and in testing soon. I will keep everyone posted the best I can. Here is the "Basic" figure in DS. I think he renders decent and works really well.

    ds.jpg .
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2018
  5. tate

    tate Eager Contributing Artist

    Still working on the basic figure. So close to getting him where I want him.
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  6. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    Yay! Soon, soon, soon, he will be in my runtime.
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  7. Karth

    Karth Eager Contributing Artist

    If you need some clothing support for your figure .. i am here :)
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  8. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    He's looking fantastic tate! :)
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  9. tate

    tate Eager Contributing Artist

    I might just take you up on that Karth. :)
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  10. Speedr8cer5

    Speedr8cer5 Member

    Tate, I love your figures and this one is no different!
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