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The Goblin Figure WIP


Contributing Artist
Quick update. Today I focused on creating a "Basic" version of the figure that will work in most versions of Poser and, work well with Daz Studio. I have minimal experience with DS so, it is taking me a few. I want him to work well for all the DS users and render well out of the box. There will be two versions. This basic version and, a weight mapped version for newer versions of Poser. I'm calling it a day. Now I just need to work on some sort of clothing, like a loin cloth, so he is not naked. ;) I'm trying to get him done and in testing soon. I will keep everyone posted the best I can. Here is the "Basic" figure in DS. I think he renders decent and works really well.

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carmen indorato

Will there be a hunch back morph for this handsome dude!?
How is it going to be textured?
Reason I sk that is I bought a similar figure and the guy did a lousy texturing job on it; a single texture not conforming to tried and true Poser formatting, that sucked was green with no real modulation and painted in body breaks and folds/creases that looked so darn "cartoony" I got frustrated and though I liked the figure per se' I asked for a refund it was so bad.
Love the overall look of this fugure and woud love to get it but I just don't want to go to so much pains to re-texture/re-map it.
Also proportionately how does it stand up to a full figure POSER figure like Dawn/Dusk or M4/V4?
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