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Tatanka/American Bison/Plains Bison


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Sorry... still not a wombat. I blame my muse on this one totally. Couldn't resist starting in on a Bison morph from Harry. Still more to go. This is just from a few days work now. I have some plans to add in thick hair pedals on the head, face, beard, and along the bottom of neck and on the front legs. Then we'll go from there. I'll start adding in hair strips or pedals in chunks or groups, and replicate them all over. Of course LAMH would be a great addition. But much like I modeled for our Lion's mane, I'll add the geometry for hair, and then others can add in the Poser Hair or LAMH later.



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Ferdinand. And Yeah. But we've already seen the Spanish bull morph. This is new.


A Wisent (European Bison) would be nice. Also a Gaur (sometimes referred to as the Indian bison), my favourite Bovine, would be most welcome.

Difference between American and European bison:


carmen indorato

And here is a picture of a Wisent:

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This looks good so far chris.
love the wisent (european bison)....looks tough and is it bigger than american bison?
Also chris, shouldn't there also be thick hair on the hump and shoulders too? Looks too the beard is wider on chin and neck looking like the sides of head transition down too and not just from beneath the chin?