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Tatanka/American Bison/Plains Bison

carmen indorato

Here are the 3 of the biggest bovines in the world: the gaur, bison (including the wisent) and the water buffalo (shown to the same scale). The gaur, the biggest living bovine, has always been my personal favourite and I hope you can morph it from your bison. All wild bovines are aggressive.

View attachment 42307

Comparative sizes of all the large living bovines:

View attachment 42308
Find the Gaur Bos Gaurus the ugliest of the lot. The body is awesome but the head looks more like a second thought tack-on kinda bobble-head thing: too small looking for that massive body! :(

carmen indorato

looking at your bison and seems there is a bit more neck space between the skull base and the beginning of the hump and not much of a smooth transition from one to the other. The last posted image that transition is smoother.

carmen indorato

one of the things I wish there was more inclusion of on animals which I was surprised DAZ included on the first MilDogs, was a more realistic back end view. So much is done with the mesh and shaping of it and the great texturing and mapping but eliminating the anal and reproductive parts for female and male 9though the male bits are there) keeps it from looking realistic despite all the care taken with the rest to give it a sense of realism. Adding udders for instance for more realistic females versions would go a long way for me too.
Ali Mankahoo who created my nice kind of toon centauress figure Cindy added a lot of more realistic bits to the figure for me after he completed her and it made a big difference when i did renders of her running or fighting from behind. Though she is more toon in build it looks more realistic with the extra parts added. On a more realistic figure like Harry or the Dog or Cat or this Bison I think would make it even better. Though many might not think those details important (who does renders of animal rear ends anyway, right?) but it shows even in passing.
Just my two cents!