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Stay Home - Spread Hope Render Challenge

Llola Lane

<--wavezzzzzzzzzzz hello to all the new-beeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz Glad to have you join us. Virtual hugzzzz to one and all! (I always hug people I meet... It's strange not being able to. I hope I don't forget how! lol)


Dances with Bees
Running Around in Carrara :inverted:



HW3D Exclusive Artist
Love them all!! Keep 'em coming!

This is NOT an entry but I wanted to play too:) All work and no play makes Laurie a very dull girl:)

Featuring Whisper, HW House Cat & Kitten (with one of my Tuxedo textures and my free Kitten LAMH preset), LB's DayLillys with texture add-on Crinkle Prism by NapalmArsenal

"Best Buddies"


Dragon Queen
Contributing Artist
Alice's cats, Lewis & Carrol, were always at the bottom of the garden near the old rabbit hole trying to catch the weird bugs that always swarmed around the even weirder plants.

Absolutely NO apologies to Lewis Carrol (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) whose silliness caused this.
Items used:
Fallen Tree
Subtle Shades Skies
HW Housecat, Homelife Poses (expressions) by Daio
Dragonfly by etujedi
Housefly - Toon House by Mr. Sparky, Creature Wings by RawArt, Wings Variety Pack by RawArt
Horsefly - HW Horse, Creature Wings by RawArt, Wings Variety Pack by RawArt, Pale Horses by Dream Weaver
Unicornhorsefly - Whisper, Creature Wings by RawArt, Wings Variety Pack by RawArt, CWRW Poses
Day Lilies & Night Lilies: LB_daylilies, custom textures. (Blue with a sun icon for Day Lily, black with a photo of the moon from my "Moon Skies" for Night Lilies).


Contributing Artist
So I had to try something too. Unfortunately half of what I wanted turned out to be for poser so I ended up getting Whisper, The African lilies... and ok... the Dog's harness is mine.

Did a hoodie. Might turn it into something for Dawn but this one is for Genesis8F

Color Clash
Mimi has a great sense of color so the .... thingie her Momma proposes does not really inspire confidence.

Color Clash.jpg