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Stay Home - Spread Hope Render Challenge


Eep there doesn't seem to be a way to go back and edit my post? I finally was able to update my render. Did I miss the edit button some where or should I just repost?

Miss B

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No the edit button has a timer on it. I don't recall offhand what it is, but there is a time factor after you first post.

What you can do is repost, and specifically state that your previous post of the render is not to be considered a final render, and if you had given the first post a Title, be sure to mention the Title so the judges know exactly which render to ignore.

If it doesn't have a Title, just give a short description so the judges can identify it.

Oh, and I just had a thought . . . try hitting the Delete button on the original post, and give the reason as a new version is available. Then post the new version. That might work out best for you.


Doesn't look like there's a delete option on the old post. The url is Stay Home - Spread Hope Render Challenge I'm resubmitting as I finally was able to get a version I'm much happier with. We can call it "Whisper's Fuzzy Friend" . There is a tiny bit of post work to get rid of some artifacts in the cat's fur, and a layering of different renders because Daz kept crashing. Lol. Thanks again for new models, I really enjoyed working with them!



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Welcome new folks ! Loving the images.

I'm seeing that some are not understanding how to get images to show up full sized in their . Clear if known, right? ;)

Here's how. You only need to click "full size image", not "thumbnail":
How To Add Inline Images To The Forum

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Welcome to all the recent new members, and as Alisa said, the images you folks have been posting are great!. ;)


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Hi everyone.. Hope you are all well... Here's another piece of artwork from me... I call it...

"Stay Home ... take a Nap!"

The fabric on the bed cover (and curtain) are textures I made with the free tulips.. and the girl is Diva for Dawn.. I had a hard time fitting clothes to her so she's wearing a furified version of the Resource Kit Jumpsuit. Gnobbit is also furified. I created this all in DAZ 3Delight! ENJOY!
Great image Llola,
For those who may have missed these freebies when they first came out here are some links for clothing for her. Much thanks to Traci and also to Sanbie for creating these items.
Sundress for Diva DS version - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
Shorts & Top for Diva DS version - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
Jeans for Diva - DS version - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
Cutie Pie for Diva - DAZ Studio - ShareCG
Morph only, Mada's Flower Fairy can be bought in the Hivewire store. I also have a free texture for it over at ShareCG:
Mada's Flower Fairy Fit for Diva in DS & Poser - DAZ Studio

Lorraine also has textures for at least Cutie Pie from memory over at ShareCG also.

If you have a Dawn outfit for DS that you want to use let me know. If I have it I'm happy to create morphs for Diva.

Please note: There are also outfits for her that are Poser Based Dynamics which work quite well on her in DForce. Look for Satira and Lully's Dawn items.


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Finally read through all 27 pages! Lots of great images and lots of new people -- and some folks I've not seen in a while. I missed Wayii!

AncientStatue, I was very sorry to hear of your loss. A little late, but the sentiment is sincere.

Again, thanks to all who generously offered their products for free. Some I'd already bought, but there were a few I hadn't and I'm probably going to have fun playing with these through the end of May. :) Anyway, a few more I put together:

Follow the Leader


Gogmagog, Whisper, and the Elfen Poses on the teeny twirling Dawns.

Curiosity and the Big Cat


Fallen Tree, Greens for Fallen Tree, the Bell Flower, and a background from Land Escapes - Mystic Backgrounds. Also the HW Big Cat and some bees.

Incoming: Tiny Demon Spawn


HW House Cat, Silly Cat Things, Casual Anabela Shoes for Dawn, and a pose from Mixed Poses for Dawn.

Called one of our cats this just the other day: "Tabitha!! Toilet paper is precious now; do not shred it, tiny demon spawn!"

Not that she listens. I do not get her fascination for toilet paper.

I love these Silly Cat Things (I bought both) and would love an angel add-on. :)


Near any feathered wing set can be parented and scaled for the cat. If you're simular to me you have a lot of wings in your runtimes.
8 )