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Songbird Remix's Product Preview Thread


There are 3 though, the third one is really hard to see-- partially because he's looking straight at you and less in focus. Follow the right Ptarmigan upward to the horizon to the rock with a beak that staring directly at you.

Here's another Asian bird-- the Eurasian Spoonbills. Spoonbills develop an orange breast patch and long crest off the back of the head during breeding season. The setting is Nerd3D's swamp (available here at Hivewire) with my Duck Pond water material added in place of the default water texture.
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very nicely done!


I added a few more albums to my photo art galleries and here's a fun bird (puzzle) photo...

How many White-tailed Ptarmigans can you find in this picture?

I have just one thing to say, we're not having bird for supper tonight dear, I went snow blind looking for even one...


HW Honey Bear
Thank you Ken! I truly enjoyed going through the entire gallery both the photos and learning more about each type of bird!

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Was kinda hoping for some cuter ones, but maybe I'll buy the "ugly" ones and see what sort of magic a little fuzz does...

I have a shelved project with 'fuzzy ones'... I couldn't create a transparency fuzz version I liked... and have since them been waiting a a decent hair system I could use in Poser and DS... LAMH was supposedly coming to Poser but never did and then Poser was going to be improving their built-in hair system for Poser 12 (but who knows now).

Perhaps, I'll revisit that chick project-- I have done some more recent transparency fuzz/hair that looks better good on my later birds (Kiwi, Nightjar and updated Owl)

If you know your way around the existing hair system, you can use LAMH in DS or the built-in Poser hair system with the Motherhood chick. Here's one using the existing Poser hair system (and the webbed footed version of Motherhood I shelved)...



For those of you thinking that I created my Sagebrush Habitat specifically for the lizard sets, that's only partially true... I'm back to work on my next bird model which will encompass 3 species; The Greater Sage-grouse and the Lesser and Greater Prairie Chickens. The Sage-Grouse lives almost entirely on the Great Basin Sagebrush (Artemsia tridentata), which just happens to be the centerpiece of the Sagebrush set.

wip model
View attachment 16406

For those unfamiliar with these majestic and endangered birds, here's a video clip of the Sage-grouse...

Yes, I will be making the animate-able air sac on the males.

Here also a National Geographic video on all life in the sagebrush habitat
love it already!!!

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Hey Ken do you have any plans to do any more herons? In particular this guy?

I've thought about doing more Shorebirds, but really want to get the big "Update" (Iray/SF materials , DS native version, general model/texture improvements) out of the away first, before I add more bird sets.

Now that the 3 Horse projects are done (2 of which hit the store today: RHT and RHT Materials), my next plans to start the easier "big" updates; Nightjars, Kiwis, plus the Birds of Prey and Waterfowl series. Perhaps the Shorebird series make sense to update after those... there will be some significant model changes with the Waterfowl series (especially in the leg/hip connections-- much smoother now). I'll add this heron to my bird wish list :)

I do plan to season these updates with some Nature's Wonders releases to provide some revenue for me... NW Frogs 3: Toads and NW Ants are on my list to complete this year.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist

As a child, I had pet ants ... well. They lived outside, but they were my ... um. friends. (I was a rather lonely child, even though I had two younger brothers at the time)

I was so devastated when we were moving, and I wanted to bring my ant pets with me. I was out there with cottage cheese containers collecting them even. Oddly, my parents absolutely didn't understand this, nor did they allow me to bring my ants with me :(