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Linda B

Stayed up way too late last night so I could get some "play" time.

Turtle Buddies.jpg


Hey Linda....good to see you....and glad you were able to have a little play time :)

Our strict lockdown was lifted this week so I was able to have a friend bring me the last of the stuff from the move. Lockdown began before the move was entirely completed, so they stored my stuff until I could receive it here....so I've had a lot of work time this week, but not much play....but the time will come for that. I'm relieved that I can finally bring closure to unfinished stuff.



That looks fun Linda.
Glad to hear you will soon have things back to normal so to speak, Sky. THat will certainly make things easier on you.


Well, I've lost one of my Dell Windows 10 workstations to the recent updates that rendered the desktop frozen. It will work for about half an hour, than refreezes and has to be powered down to reboot. Rinse and repeat. Here's an article about the problem.

Windows 10 update is reportedly freezing or crashing some PCs (from 13 days ago)

I think the solution to this recurring problem with system destructive updates is to fire technical support failing to properly beta test their "updates and new features". I'm disgusted beyond words, and plan to do absolutely nothing about fixing it. Instead, I've ordered an older Windows 7 drive in order to be able to do email and light surfing, video editing and 2D imaging, and if Microsoft insists on continuing to trash their customers' drives, let them continue. I wish them good luck with that....but I've spent the last nickel on Windows 10.