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Hey Terre :) Last night we were having a shop 'til you drop sale...tonight's a little quieter...we're still pretty much in the drop phase :)

Good morning! Thank you so much for the kind comments and the new goodies!

I found these really nice rooms in Renderosity's Free Stuff and just did a quick little render using one of the bathrooms. There was a light set included in the Scene file so I just used that. Used one of Terradome's skies, ShaaraMuse 3D's trees and Flink's rain and added LaFemme, the cat and an old chair to complete the scene. There is a kitchen, some bedrooms and another bathroom...Jura11. Some of them are set up for Superfly renders which is what I use most of the time now. Nice stuff.

Jura11's Freestuff on Renderosity

The white rabbits' picture is mostly Photoshop. When I first started rendering in Poser 4 and many years after I really couldn't get a decent image so I resorted to making it pretty in Photoshop. Talk about being really terrible with lighting! LOL I didn't use the background (the Construct)...that was always deleted and so I created my pictures in Photoshop adding skies, grass and things. I think it was around in 2013 that I discovered Flipmode's Environments and started to use Poser to do the work for me though I still did a lot of touch-up work in Photoshop. It was only recently with PoserPro 11 that I have actually been making renders that look okay right out of Poser. I still use Photoshop to enhance coloring and light and I still like furry animals and wispy hair so I use the smudge brush and paintbrush, too. I made an image back in 2009 to illustrate the difference.



Good morning Dani :) Thanks for that interesting freebie find...looks interesting, and I like scenes with mirrors, and chrome and shiny things...they render so well in superfly :)

I see that you liked esha's Studio Drapes still life stuff....so I'll put all the links here....it comes in different parts.

Studio Drapes for Poser and DS

Studio Drapes - Low Stools

Studio Drapes - High Stools

Esha also has some pretty flowers for both Poser and DS...I'm not sure what you'd like, so I'm listing most of them here:

Gazebo Flowers 1

Gazebo Flowers 2


Darling Flowers




Flaming Katy

Grape Vines

Holiday Cactus



Ahhhh, the secret sauce.....is artistic talent :) Occasionally I'll run things through PD Howler to enhance the colors, or otherwise make the image "pop", like the renders below, but you're actually painting over the image, which is why it is so unique....I love your style!

Hivewire Lion

The Cowardly Lion


I was searching around to see if her dynamic cloth tutorial was even still available...and it is, and saw all those goodies for Poser and about had a fit....and I thought you'd probably like them too. The drapes would also be beautiful if you played with the transparency settings, but I was just aiming to get some quick renders for you to see....there are shiny fabrics, velvet, shiny floors, and matte for both the floors and walls....many combinations. I used firefly for those drapes above...so you'll just have to experiment. I'd love to see what you do with it :)

Here are a couple of Hayao Miyazaki's (Studio Ghibli) characters using Nana. All of my boys loved Totoro, Ponyo, Castle in the Sky. For years I tried to find a Totoro which could be used in Poser but never did. I did make a snowman one eventually...not sure what shape I used. Curious...going to have to find the file and open it.





I prefer sales too....I'm always keeping an eye out for those...usually when I'm hunting for freebies as well. It's very refreshing to see so much Poser content, old and new, suddenly becoming visible again :)