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Show Us Your Dusk Renders, And Now The New Dusk SE!!


The Five :A test render of the Mage addon to Hunter 3d's Borge outfit for Dusk
The five.jpg

Skuro for Dusk - A Tempesta3d Creation at HiveWire 3D
Marcello for Dusk - A Tempesta3d Creation
CWRW Dante for Dusk - A CWRW Creation at HiveWire 3D
Jungle Kids for Diva - A Collaboration by CWRW/NapalmArsenal/CGCubed at HiveWire 3D
Liam for Dusk by tempesta3d at renderosity
Hair Em2 and Facial Ahairness 2 by mortemvetus at renderosity


Vampire Spat
Vampire Spat.jpg

Vampire Dusk - A CG Cubed Creation
Dusk's Expressions & Visemes - A HiveWire 3D Creation by CGCubed and Christopher Creek Art
L'Homme by RPublishing, Blackhearted, Letterworks, ilona, and Deecey found at renderosity
Damien for L'Homme by RPublishing and Tempesta3d found at renderosity
Ades Hair by SAV found at renderosity
Vampire for L'Homme by RPublishing and 3DTubeMagic found at renderosity
Simple Cycles Transparency Hair and Simple Cycles All Purpose Strand Hair shaders by me
Winterblack Sanctuary and Fallen for Winterblack Sanctuary by Jack Tomalin found at Daz3d
Rendered in Superfly




HW3D Exclusive Artist
Thought I would dust off my Dusk character Rodrigo and mess with him in iray some for fun- actually this is a total simple Sun/Sky render. Poor guy was feeling abandoned by me:) I DID give him a cuddly kitty to keep him company:)

All HW products!:
Dusk SE
Dusk MidLength Hair
Rodrigo for Dusk
HW House Cat
Savannah Cat from my Exotics 1