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Show Us Your Dusk Renders, And Now The New Dusk SE!!


HW3D President
Staff member
Oh this looks great mininessie. Lots of beautiful HiveWire content in it too. Is this our doggy too?


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Thank you Chris ! Yes is our doggy with the lamh settings by CWRW and the black lab texture by sparky.


Contributing Artist
Still working on my hussar saddle and things... and because I can never finish anything before starting something else I wanted to add the hussar uniform to the set as well. This is intended to be a d-force uniform... if things work as intended. How I am going to texture that to provide a maximum of versatility I am not yet sure. Probably working with LIE for the ornamental elements of the uniform so that the underlying fabric can be colored in different ways without having to do a hundred different variations for the ornaments. One or two ornamental sets in gold, silver, or fabric so that they can be applied to the base uniform should allow for a lot of mix and matching.



Contributing Artist
Please, please say this Hussar uniform will be Poser friendly ?? :)
probably not because I can't get a handle on poser and the uniform is meant for d-force. I suspect it should be possible to use it in the clothroom, but since I don't know how that one works I don't think I will do a poser version. Last time I tried it turned out to be so timeconsuming it is not worth it for me... economically speaking. Especially since Poser doesn't like LIE and creating the textures for it will heavily rely on LIE.