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Show Us Your Dusk Renders, And Now The New Dusk SE!!


Dawn SE and Dusk SE
love this one, great poses


Because it takes me SO long to finish my more complex renders... here is my "cowpoke Dusk" for the one I'm working on now... I used Dusk's "aging" morphs to go with Fairy Light's Aleric for Dusk... the yellow color is my 'camp fire lighting' in prep for assembling my cowboy and his horse in firelight scene... I used the Akasti hair and blended black/brown and silver hair to get a graying look (I hope it works!) I also am very proud of how I CLOSED the cowboy denim jacket front in post! I mean after all it's a chilly night! :) I also used the "Falling for Dawn" sweater for a turtle neck under the jacket. Skinny jeans, and universal boots for Dusk, plus an old apple by Traveler from the days of the Props Club!

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great pose


HW3D Exclusive Artist
Lots of fun Dusk renders to catch up on!!

I haven't had much time to play with "my guys" for a while and need to do some new product imagery for Rodrigo so I pulled the poor guy out again and did this for fun/get back in the groove of working with Dusk/Rodrigo. S0 along with my Rodrigo textures and Character Morphs for him, this also uses Paul's wicked cool "Sculpted for Dusk" on the body. (As well as the HW Dusk ML Hair, Dusk Skinny Jeans with my Classic Denims, and HW Cowboy Hat) I call it "Cowboy Up":) DS Iray render.