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Show Us Your Dawn Renders!


As I am playing around with ideas I decided to look at some old content in my runtime, the hair is Uma hair for V4 from Swam which I purchased way back in 2013 and uses the Dawn hair fits that I purchased recently. The jewellery is from the Ghost Machine Collection 'Victronic' by Inception8, again for V4. I purchased this in 2011 so long before Superfly made in into Poser, I have replaced the supplied materials with ones that makes use of some of the advancements Superfly has to offer.

Sci Fi Portrait HW.jpg


Contributing Artist
I looked at some monochrome images and thought I might try my hand on something similar. Not truly monochrome... Dawn would have needed a paler skin, but I ran out of time ... Once I save the image and restart I have to redo the hair presets :p... so here Dawn as

the Winter Queen.


featuring my hussar saddle and bridle with properly wintery textures, a quicky dress for dawn courtesy Marvellous Designer
and Alexander's (I think) winterscape


Another play or Poser doodle.

A Certain Smile HW.jpg

Playing with a few things, the bolero is from Evilinocence and is for Dawn but the neck ware is Vintage Style from Lilflame and is for V4. I had the usual play around placing it correctly and then parenting to the neck as conforming just does not work. I was trying a dome with one light but wanted to try a studio type setting. Thanks to the subdued lighting the cameo did not stand out very well so I used a small amount of emission on the ambient for the material. Seems to do the job without the cameo glowing at all.

The other aim was to try and portray a subtle smile that is 'reflected' in the eyes, more difficult than it is normally as commercial Dawn expressions do not work well on my character so they need some work.