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Post Your Dawn Renders at the New SMS Dawn Thread!


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Dawn has one too, I think it was made my DarkSeal, sold at ROtica. And he made that not much later than her release. Like textures, those things can always be added later.


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I mean for those who want that. That was one of the excuses to complain about Dawn from the beginning.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Personally, I think they were looking for "any" excuse in the beginning.


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Good observations, folks. Let's remember the "cease fire", let the past go and focus on where we go from here.

Carry on!



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I get email notifications every time someone posts to that thread. By the number of emails I have gotten it's doing quite well! I did a render with 20 Dawns. No lags or anything. I was impressed!


I may be an oddity, but I found Dawn not only met, but exceeded my expectations on release. Dawn worked and worked incredibly well in Poser. She was a joy to work with. She posed well, and her mesh stood up even to extreme posing. In my opinion ... everything else would fall into place.

Don't get me wrong. I would have liked more morphs initially. And, I'm not great at converting clothing from one figure to another, so using Dawn required that I create most of the clothing I used initially. Which ultimately, gave me opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have had.

I absolutely understood the concern people expressed regarding the vast amount of content they'd accumulated over the years for V4, and it was something I too had to think about when considering whether Dawn would replace V4. But ... while I had invested way too much money in V4, the reality was there were few outfits I used repeatedly. Most clothing purchases I used once and never again. Same with character products. Most of those I also used once or twice, and never again. Even then, it was the textures I used rather than the character morphs. Once I started thinking in terms of what I actually used from my extensive V4 library, rather than how much I spent to accumulate that library of seldom used products or how big that library was, that extensive library was no longer quite so extensive. With an extensive library no longer a consideration, I was able to look at Dawn and how well she worked for me and how easy she was to work with compared to V4 and Genesis.

The way I saw it ... my options were
  • Continue to use V4, an out of date figure which was native to Poser, but required numerous fixes every time I used her.
    However, V4 was no longer supported by DAZ and an increasing number of vendors were discontinuing support of V4.
    Consequently, new products for V4 that appealed to me were limited and getting more so every month.

  • Continue to try to use Genesis, a figure which was not native to Poser and therefore required workarounds to get it into Poser.
    There was a huge amount of support by vendors, and the amount of content released for Genesis just kept increasing.
    However, DSON broke the Poser library every time I used it, so Genesis and all that content weren't usable by me.

  • Switch to Dawn, an up to date figure native to Poser, but there were a limited number of morphs and clothing available initially.
    However, Dawn had limited to no support outside HiveWire, and it was a questionable whether enough vendors would support Dawn.
Given how I require a plethora of morphs to be able to create a wide variety of characters, you'd think I'd have found it devastating when Dawn didn't initially have ALL the morphs V4 had accumulated over the years. Instead, I pushed Dawn's initial morphs as much as possible until we got more morphs to play with.

After Dawn's release in August 2013, the only time I went back to V4 was to finish scenes I'd started before Dawn's release.
I didn't hate the original Dawn I guess my expectations and needs were different to yours and as I stated earlier I had a lot of work to do if I was going to move from V4 to any other figure.

Dawn SE was a revelation but the other factor that sold it for me was that there was a stunning slightly more mature texture available for Dawn once Dawn SE was released. As I already had a mature texture for my V4 figure that was a big plus for me and the ability to get much better looking expressions with Dawn was what swung it for me. It is hard to believe that in the next few weeks it will be three years since I started using Dawn and so much has happened in that time. Dawn lead me to Hivewire3D and this forum and thanks to that not only my Dawn figure has changed but I now use the cloth room on a fairly regular basis thanks in no small part to the dynamic clothing from Lully and the help I received here. More recently I have moved to use Dawn in superfly but that too would have failed if it had not been for the help I received from the people here.

Truth is that Dawn is a fantastic figure but it is the enthusiasm of the Hivewire team, the vendors and the users that make her really something special. I believe Dawn is not just a great figure but an invitation to a new family both in the virtual sense and the real world. Unfortunately many, for whatever reason, have not tried Dawn and therefore miss out. At least the extra exposure of Dawn outside the Hivewire world might encourage some to at least try. I really can't believe that the superb renders in the other forum won't encourage at least some to try.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Absolutely ... Just as with software, we all have different needs and expectations.

Some people have a specific character they use repeatedly, and consequently, require enough similar morphs in a new figure to be able to recreate their character. Others need to be able to use their existing content, and like me aren't exactly all that great at converting clothing from one figure to another.

While I may reuse a character sometimes, most often I create a new character each time. It was one of the first things I learned to do in DS ... and in Poser. Creating characters may even be my most favorite thing to do. So, because I could create dynamic clothing for my use, and I could create my own characters, I wasn't as dependent on vendors immediately supporting Dawn as others might have been. Absolutely though, I was initially restricted by little things like ... shoes. And I certainly missed the ethnic and creature morphs I had with V4. But it was several years after I started using V4 when creature and ethnic morphs were released.

One product I really miss though is the V4 random character generator. It was pretty cool. You could select which morph packages to include in the randomization, how much to randomize, and whether both head and body or only head or only body would be randomized. The hardest part was deciding which result I liked best :wink:

Since I had already been creating dynamic clothing for V4 & M4, it wasn't difficult at all for me to switch to creating dynamic clothing for Dawn. What WAS difficult was learning to do so in Silo rather than MD4. It also was a bit of a struggle to learn to work with Poser's cloth room where there is less control over a simulation than there is in Marvelous Designer. I so wish we could pause a simulation in Poser, pin the mesh, and unpause the simulation like we can with MD. That would just be so cool.

Considering Dawn was free initially, it was a shame more people didn't try her for themselves. They too may have found her a joy to use.

But, we seem to be wired to trust the opinions of those we identify with ... perhaps even more than we trust ourselves. At one time, that was probably essential to our survival. Like ... back when we lived in caves and were an easy meal for numerous large predators.

Good grief! Can I ever just write a short reply?!?


I posted a lot of Dawn renders elsewhere and always tried to encourage others to try Dawn out just to see if it was a figure that would work for them, sadly too many others were keen to ram other figures down other peoples throat. This new forum seems to provide a solution to that which is why I think it is such a great idea and I am happy to support it where I can.


Indeed! It was started 3 days ago, and we already have over a hundred posts and over a thousand views. :)

Not only that but there are some stunning renders there and they display the sheer flexibility Dawn has and covers so many different styles. Of course we are used to such renders here but thanks to your efforts and support from SMS I hope this will be seen by a much wider audience.

Dakorillon (IMArts)

Contributing Artist
I pinned the thread, guilty as charged. o_O

I'm not really sure what the concern is thou.
I have been using Dawn since she first came out.
So have many other Poser users.

Hivewire3D supports Poser by making content, providing a forum for its users, etc.
I see no reason why the Smith Micro forums can't do the same as well.

And if a Dusk thread should happen to appear, it can be pinned as well.

Welcome to the Hive!


Hi Ken, thanks for creating the Dawn thread on SMS forum. One thing I'd like to suggest is that the Dawn thread not be limited to Dawn only. For me personally, Dawn's strength is that she is the matriarch of an entire family: woman, man, infant, children... and pets, lol. Her textures and morphs are interchangeable with each figure (with various amounts of modification). This is one of the most important differences between Dawn and PE, Bella, Sasha 16, etc. for me. Let's create a huge thread showing off Dawn and her family including one of the few male, and the only juvenile, weight mapped figures available natively for Poser.


Contributing Artist
Hi Ken, thanks for creating the Dawn thread on SMS forum. One thing I'd like to suggest is that the Dawn thread not be limited to Dawn only.
Personally, I use Dawn more than the other HW figures, and being Dawn the HW flagship figure and product, it was only natural I would start a thread just for her. HW also splits render threads by figure to keep things organized, so people know what they will find in it. I am not much into male figures, well, I am a guy and I like sexy, curvy female characters! LOL If I can help it, I'd rather not see male characters in Dawn's thread. :p

It was mentioned earlier in this thread that we could start a Dusk thread as well, but it was uncertain how many people would post on it, since historically speaking, female figure threads were always more popular in this market, which is why HW started with Dawn, and not Dusk or the [wonderful] animals. I think the best way to give HW figures more exposure is to start with a popular thread at the core of the Poser community, so Dawn was my pick for it, and it has been quite successful. That was the rationale behind my decision to make it a Dawn thread.

However, there is nothing wrong with adding more figures to the scene, like a mix of Dawn + other HW figures. Many have already posted Dawn + HW animals. You could post Dawn + Dusk as well. You could also start a Dusk thread, but like it was discussed earlier here, it is uncertain if it would get as much traction, and on my side, I needed the thread to succeed on an environment that not long ago wasn't HW-friendly.

On a side note, I ended up discovering other people over there that were eager to post Dawn renders, but were afraid of attacks like it happened with me back in 2016, when the SMS forums were still at RDNA. We are now 2 years later, so I thought it was about time we put all of this behind us, and give it a try again. I am happy I did because the time was right, and I can see I wasn't alone in that feeling. I have met new people at the SMS forums that were eager to show off their Dawn renders and spread the love. It appears they were just waiting for someone to take the first step and test the waters. ^^