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Discussion in 'The Meadow' started by Chris, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Ken1171

    Ken1171 Distinguished Contributing Artist

    The major difference in iClone is that you can only create characters in CC3. In Poser/DS we do everything in the same program, but in iClone that part is done in CC3. Both iClone and CC3 have buttons to send the model straight to the other program whenever you need to make a change, but at first this may look odd comparing to what we are used to.
  2. rampa

    rampa Inspired

    The having to create the morph slider in CC3 is important. When you import a character you have morphed in DAZ, you are essentially just importing the baked output. It is not able to import all the morph sliders at once. That would probably take a week to do!

    So you can make a body in DAZ, and transform it to CC3. You can then save that body or head as a morph, like Ken mentioned.
  3. Ken1171

    Ken1171 Distinguished Contributing Artist

    And this is the where the interesting part is - if we bake and store body and head morphs dials from Dawn, Genesis and V4, we can mix and match them in CC3.
  4. McG.

    McG. Admirable

    That is totally trippy man! It seems so unnatural! LOL! But wonderful!
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  5. Ken1171

    Ken1171 Distinguished Contributing Artist

    I am still learning how things work in CC3, but it looks like whenever you save a custom morph dial, it asks if we want just the head, or just the body. Not sure if it is when we create the custom dial, or when we save presets to the library. I think presets can be only for the head, or only for the body. I have to play more with these things to be sure. :)
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  6. Ken1171

    Ken1171 Distinguished Contributing Artist

    Ok, I've got an answer at the Reallusion forums, and the process of splitting head and body morph is not as simple as I thought. It involves a couple more steps, but it's definitely feasible. ^__^

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