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Netherworks - FAQ and Q&A


Dream Weaver Designs
Contributing Artist
I hear you Jo on the whole funk thing, glad your on the up swing. I'm still clawing towards it.
@ Dreamer:
Dial Manager currently writes out version 6 for Pose files, which just makes it universally work in the last, I don't know... 15 years of Poser versions. It was just done that way to be backwards compatiable. Usually, we just kind of lower the number on Pose files so that there isn't a warning box for customers and users when you load a pose file but if you'd like to make a case for having a version number entry box or somesuch, I would entertain it :)
I think having the option to change the version number would be handy, as there are times when ether through store protocols or the content its self you need to change the number. I totally get the backwards compatiablity thing too.
I'm not making a very good case here, blame it on the flu :)


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
A box for people to fill in the version would be handy if you do a new version of Dial Manager, Joe.

Protocol here is that files should be set for the lowest version of Poser the product works for. So, for example, if poses are for the HiveWire Big Cat, files should be set to Poser 10.

However, it's really easy to use either Toybox or hand edit the files to the correct version.


Contributing Artist
Thanks, as always, for being understanding folks!

There are some people who have contributed so much to the Poser community that they deserve all the time and support they need.
You are one such person.
If there's anything I can do to help, in any way, just let me know?
Cheers, and best wishes for your future endeavours,
Very heart-felt. I meant to say thank you for posting this!


Contributing Artist
Just a heads-up....

Found an issue in MATWriter Panel 2014 that only affects Poser 11/Poser 11 Pro.

If you are writing a material that has both a Firefly and Superfly root (2 roots, not one root with both checked) and you have Remove Detatched Nodes active in MATWriter Panel 2014, it will think the second root is not connected to anything and accidentally remove it. Right now, turning off Remove Detatched Nodes under File Writing in the menu when you right click a material, will fix it.

I have a fix in the works here but likely will not go out until Monday.


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
Ok, after talking back and forth, we have determined that there have been sufficient updates for Netherworks products that we need to not wait til we can automate the process, so that users can get updated versions.

You will need your RDNA invoices - they have said these will be there through the end of the year, so I HIGHLY recommend you download ALL your RDNA invoices for future use for other CAs as well.

1-Go to your RDNA Order History.
2-Search for All dates
3-For each page, click "Check all" at the top so there are checks in each box.
4-At the bottom Click "Invoices for Selected"
5-A new tab will pop up with all the invoices from that page. Save that page or print to a pdf, or however you'd normally save things like that.
6-Do the same for each page of orders.


1-Gather all your Netherworks product invoices from RDNA

2-Send them to Joe at this email address (please do not use forum pm)
netherworks*at*gmail.com (replace *at* with @)

3-Include in the email:
a) your name and email address that you have used at the HiveWire Store (you MUST have a HiveWire account to get this done)

b) would like your forum user name but not required

c) would probably help Joe if you can list the products.

4-Request that these be put into your HiveWire account

As Joe has time, he'll review these. PLEASE BE PATIENT as it could take a week or 2 to hear from him.

He'll write and let you know he's gotten the info and that it will be put in your account.

The info will be gotten to us, and I'll create an order that will place the files in your account. PLEASE BE PATIENT as this could be really fast or take a few weeks.

You'll get a note from me telling you I've done it.

Thanks for you patience in advance ;)

NOTE: Please just shoot the list of ALL Netherworks products you bought, not just the ones in our store today, as some others that aren't here yet MIGHT be added later. Another order will be placed when/if that happens - you won't have to do anything else.

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
NOTE: Please just shoot the list of ALL Netherworks products you bought, not just the ones in our store today, as some others that aren't here yet MIGHT be added later. Another order will be placed when/if that happens - you won't have to do anything else.
So would you prefer we do this now whether we need to be able to download something at the moment? Basically do you want everyone flooding you with requests all at once, or would you rather those of us not concerned at the moment hold off? I don't need to re-download anything at the moment, but it would be nice in future if need be that my purchases were here.


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
I'll leave this question to Joe. For my part - when you write to him, you could mention that, and I won't put it as high a priority as others who DO need to download updates.