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NapalmArsenal's Product Thread


Contributing Artist
The lovely people at Sympatico Studios have been at it again!! This is the latest batch of images they have created with my Passion Storm Textures for Lisa's Botanicals Tulips. If you have a product you would like show cased by them please contact Angela Sperz and they will work you into the schedule. I'm always impressed with what they come up with.

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Contributing Artist
Ok guys! Get ready for a Berry Blast of Summer Sweetness!!! - Thanks Rae and Pommerlis for helping me beta test these!! Great work on the images also guys!!
Banner copy.jpg

Grab these textures for Lisa's Botanicals Bell Flower, and slather your renders with a delicious berry blast. Compatible with Poser 10+ and DAZ Studio 4.9+

Click on the image to preview or purchase.

I can still remember...
The offer of a hand full of berries
Under a serene sky,
Soft faded jeans, kind eyes and
butterflies in the pit of my stomach
His hand and....
My Heart....
mixed with the delicious taste
of sweet chills and summer fire.


Turn Lisa's Botanicals Bell Flower into the prize of any garden scene and a favorite haven for creatures of all kinds.

Whether it's animals, humans, or gardens filled with bowls full of delicious summer berries, your renders are sure to have a blast of summer sweetness that's better than jam!

The bright, magical hues of Berry Blast will create an enchanting background for your renders, perfect for your HiveWire Big Dog or House Cat, and all manner of things in between that make your heart soar with the songs of summer bliss.

Revitalize your renders with four new flower, petal, and stamen textures, three new leaf and stem textures, and a transmap for a ruffled flower edge. One of the new leaf and stem textures provides a semi-transparent effect, perfect for magical scenes beneath the summer sun and for creatures large and small hiding behind the flowers!

Presets are included for DAZ Studio Iray & 3DL, and Poser Superfly (requires Poser 11+) & Firefly render engines.

Dragon Flower.jpg

Main-Image.jpg Kinds-and-Types-copy.jpg Leaves-and-Stems-copy.jpg Promo-1-copy.jpg Promo-2-copy.jpg Promo-3-copy.jpgPromo-4-copy.jpg Newsletter copy.jpg
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Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
Awesome textures! Just love them. Thank you for letting me test these.
Just loooove that image of the dog in a field of flowers. How cute is that :inlove:


Contributing Artist
Wordsworth For Lisa's Botnaicals Signs of Spring

Ok, at long last they are finally out!! Soo many options!! There are over 13,000 different types of daffodils! There will be an expansion set that goes along with these that will have all the different petal shapes included.

Thanks Rae, Janet and CWRW for testing and doing renders!!

Banner copy.jpg

If one daffodil is worth
a thousand pleasures,...then
one is too few.
For nature never did betray
The heart that loved her.

-William Wordsworth-

It takes two hearts. The heart of Nature's creation displayed in the daffodil, and a heart to love the whole worth of nature in a single golden flower. For within this simplicity, the wealth of a thousand pleasures are held. The daffodil is the symbol of nature's heart. She displays her love for you, and all you have to do is love her back.

While the daffodil's primary symbolism is that of new beginnings, rebirth and the coming of spring, it has many others. Some of the most common meanings for the daffodil flower are cheerfulness,creativity, inspiration, renewal, vitality, memory, and friendship.

Wordsworth will turn Lisa's Botanicals Signs of Spring daffodil model into the prize of any garden scene, beside the lake or beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze. A glory to behold, and a thrill to let your heart with pleasures fill and revel in a sea of golden daffodils.

Revitalize your renders with 24 new flower textures, two new leaf and stem textures, two transmaps for a teardrop shaped flower shape and a pointed star shape, and one new stamen texture.

Presets are included for DAZ Studio Iray & 3DL, and Poser Superfly (requires Poser 11+) & Firefly render engines.

Requires Lisa's Botanicals Signs of Spring

What's Included & Features

    • Materials (.mc6, .duf))
      • All options available for DAZ Studio Iray & 3DL, and Poser Superfly (requires Poser 11+) & Firefly render engines
      • 24 Petal Materials
        • Arctotis (white and bright orange)
        • Bellasima (pale peach, yellow, and pale orange)
        • Buttercream (pale butter yellow)
        • Cheerfulness (golden yellow and pale yellow)
        • Hawera (bright orange and peach)
        • JackSnipe (golden yellow and pale yellow)
        • Jetfire (lemon yellow and medium orange)
        • JimDandy (bright orange and peach)
        • King Alfred (bright golden yellow)
        • Mango (medium yellow and lemon yellow)
        • Merlin (green, golden yellow, white, and yellow)
        • Peaches (white, pale peach,cream, and dark peach)
        • Petitfour (white and orange varigated trumpet)
        • Sovereign (white, golden yellow, and lemon yellow)
        • Spellbinder (medium peach and white)
        • StellaDeOro (medium yellow and white)
        • Stella (solid white)
        • Tasetta (medium peach, pale pink, and medium golden yellow)
        • Tasso (light peach, pale peach, and golden yellow)
        • Thalia (light pink and dark pink)
        • TikiTorch (bright orange, medium orange, and white)
      • 2 Leaf and Stem options
        • 01LeavesAndStems - dark green with striations
        • 02LeavesAndStems - pale blue green
    • Textures (.jpg)
      • 24 1024 X 1024 Pixel Petal Maps
      • 1 1024 X 1024 Pixel Stamen Map
      • 2 1024 X 1024 Pixel Leaf and Stem Maps
      • 2 1024 x 1024 Pixel Petal Transmaps teardrop and star shapes
      • All textures come with bump, specular and displacement maps.

Click the image to preview or purchase



AR 5 SF Poser.jpg

AR4 SF Poser.jpg

Kinds and types 1.jpg Kinds and types 2.jpg Main Image.jpg Promo 1.jpg Promo 2.jpg
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Contributing Artist
Thanks!!! I'm glad you like them!! The expansion set should be out soonish, but ..... I'm still working on the PDF. If you want to make a narcissus type flower. I suggest using the models 3 and 4 and then down scaling them.