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  1. Pink Flower Garden

    Pink Flower Garden

  2. The Bouquet

    The Bouquet

  3. Beauty


  4. The Flower

    The Flower

  5. Basket of Beauty

    Basket of Beauty

  6. Birds of a Feather

    Birds of a Feather

  7. Fairy Glamour

    Fairy Glamour

    Dawn SE , Wild Orchid Hair, Flower Fairy outfit Wings, Sora For Dawn
  8. Sienna


    Featuring Lisa's Botanicals Bell flower, CWRW's Liver Chestnut and CWRW's MNT3
  9. A bit of zen

    A bit of zen

    Poser11/Superfly/upcoming Starweed and Fantastar Superfly Addon
  10. Fantastar 2 Deco

    Fantastar 2 Deco

    Byproduct of Fantastar Superfly testing. Poser/Superfly
  11. Summer Gold

    Summer Gold

    Yellow version of the carnation macroshoot. Lisa's Botanicals Carnation with my SF shaders.
  12. Carnation Macro

    Carnation Macro

    Working on SuperFly version of Lisa's Botanicals Carnation
  13. Ode To Mucha

    Ode To Mucha

    Sora and Sweetheart Tulip Textures
  14. Asiatic Ruby

    Asiatic Ruby

    Lisa'sBotanicals Asiatic Lily, NapalmArsemal textures from JungleHeat: Rubina. My shaders. Light: HDRI on background node + Sun. Superfly.
  15. Beware the Cobra!

    Beware the Cobra!

    When you are in Asia :) Lisa'sBotanicals Asiatic Lily, NapalmArsemal textures from JungleHeat: Hissing Cobra. My shaders. Light: HDRI on background node + Sun. Superfly.
  16. Baby's Breath

    Baby's Breath

    Baby's Breath from Lisa'sBotanicals Carnation, my shaders :)
  17. The Fairy Steed

    The Fairy Steed

    HW Harry OP Unicorn Horn Heart of the Jungle Butterfly Broach from Butterfly Dress MLW Butterfly textures dcFairyWings FlowerBundles from ART_Planter Postwork in PD Howler10 My Mane, Tail, Fetlocks
  18. Mythocentric

    Woodlands Misty With Bluebells

    A recent poll to choose a flower for each county in the UK resulted in the majority of counties choosing the Bluebell. Hardly surprising for the countries most-loved flower. A seemingly inconspicuous little bloom but to anyone who has seen a spring woodland carpeted in a blue mist as far as the...
  19. Fire From Snow

    Fire From Snow

    Asiatic lily + jungle heat + some Superfly magic
  20. NapalmArsenal

    Flower Texture Expansion Sets for Lisa's Botanicals

    Hey guys, I'm finally getting to Lisa's Asian Lilies. I'm sort of going for a jungle/tropical type feel with these using some of the tiger lily mats and lily photos from a few years ago as last years crop was ruined due to all the flooding in the area. I can't wait until Kitty is out!! I will...