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Busy Bee
Awww, thank you mininessie and Miss B. I get all my inspirations from looking at everyone else's work here. You guys give me tons of ideas!!! Things I would never think of on my own. My brain is old. LOL


Thanks again for all the kindness and for making me feel welcomed at Hivewire

I thought I would share tonight's experiment with "Vampire Bat by AM" and the Barn Owl from "SBRM Owls of the World Volume 1" in DAZ Studio and Iray. No post work

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OWL: "Why yes I am a vegetarian, why do you ask?" not enough like bounce off your figures, but I like it...A vampire bat with an owl for a straight man...what an act...lol


Thanks Lisa, yeah it turned out ok. Took ages to pose those ants individually, well the legs that is plus s few head moves so they didn't all look the same.

carmen indorato

I LOVE this image!
Always loved mother and daughter pictures but never thought of doing more formal yoga poses for them. When I was a photographer I always tried finding subjects interested in doing tasteful nude or semi nude mother and daughter images like this. Did a few including father and son (two of which did win some minor awards and one (father and son) got published in a Nikon publication.....a life time ago. :(
Have done a lot of mother and daughter simple nude lifestyle portraits in Poser since version 4....(made finding willing models for this kind of image SOOOOOOOOO Much EASIER!), a few of which are up on my DeviantArt gallery if anyone interested.