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Ken Gilliland's Products In Renders

Another experiment exploring Ken Gilliland's "Songbird ReMix" in DAZ Studio and Iray. This time I converted the 44 free extra songbird characters that Ken Gilliland provides on his website to Iray. Then I created a 150 bird flock using "UltraScatter Advanced Instancing for Daz Studio". No post work



Thank you for all the kindness and inspiration.
Tonight's experiment continues exploring Ken Gilliland's "SBRM Birds of Prey Vol 4 Mini-Set - Crested Eagles" in DAZ Studio and Iray. This time I wanted to try something more graphical with the Mountain Hawk-eagle model

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very nice

would do well in Kens yearly render comp I'd reckon :)


Rae, is that Platypus the new AM one at Daz? I have the old Codeman Studio one, still good but comes into Poser huge and if I use it, has to be scaled down. They are not big animals. Great idea using Ken's Kiwi Burrow looks a natural habitat for a Platypus. Oh for a Wombat though, I need one for Poser. :cry:

Good image.


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Thanks Jan, yes its AM's new one, it has 2 LAMH settings a normal coat and a slightly longer one so I think it might be DS only. And it is quite small (I think it would be "life size" when a human is in the scene). I thought the Kiwi Burrow would be perfect and I was right :D


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