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Karth´s Clothes for Baby Luna W.I.P


Contributing Artist
Hi there,

after the Cap for Baby Luna, im working on a Sweater and a Jeans.
That are these kind of Jeans that have a loosen style with a Knit Border at the Top.
I add loosen Morphs .
After that i will do a costume i think.



Contributing Artist
Thanks much :)
Happy to see some interest here !
For Special wishes a reference Image and or - link to - would be good, because it give so many different styles of a Cloth.
And i can´t promise that it will be always for both software´s in one package.
We will see :)


Contributing Artist
Lol..Lorraine..you are cute :)
I start always with the Daz Version nowadays.
It ´s much easier to rig and add Morphs .
As a formally Poser creator it is a bit sad to say this.
But i personally need today the double time to create the Poser Piece.
Try my best to do it for both Softwares.

However it is not the year where i want to stick to long in such Kind of Problems again.
It kills the fun of creating for me.
So i hope nobody will be angry with me when some Piece will be only for this or that Software sometimes ,
when im really not satisfied with the end result.

my 2 Cent


The Wicked Witch of the North
Oh Karth it's entirely up to you which or what program you produce for, I would hope no one would hassle you either way. I certainly won't. Just was hoping that something I put in a request for would be made in the program I use. And I'm very, VERY happy it will :snoopydance: You're a star!