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Karth´s Clothes for Baby Luna W.I.P


Contributing Artist
Just uploaded.. some Booties for the Sweet Deal Page


Contributing Artist
Thanks much and Happy Halloween :)

The next one is a Dress...i am not sure if i should use dforce and dynamic.
Would anyone prefer dynamic for both Softwares ?
I guess for now i will go with a conforming Dress and Morphs.

I am not sure with the Name.
Is smock dress okay ?

Luna dress wip.png

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Smock Dress is a fine name Karth, and I like both conforming and dynamic for Poser. Then again, if you make it conforming, I could always import the OBJ as a prop and do my own dynamics. I don't know if it can be done that way in the latest version of DS, but if it can, I would go with conforming, and let folks do their own dynamics.

In any case, just my 2¢ FWIW. ;)


Contributing Artist
Looks great Karth! Are the boots I saw in another thread after that? They looked really cute...


Contributing Artist
Thanks for all your Feedback !

I did only a few test with dforce and work after Mada´s tutorial. I have an older PC here.
In one she add the Simulation to a conforming Dress. Everything works fine and was easy to understand.
So i guess Miss B you are right .
I am so happy that the Name thing is correct :bounce:

The Tartan Shoes are in testing.

The Dress is in work. I am rigging at the Moment and will add morphs today.
Texture i will do one. Sweet Deals can only have one in.

I do a break until end of year from commission work, so i have enough time to do some
stuff for the Hivewire Family and other figures :flower04: