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    The first part of the plan had worked, using the jetpack and staying close to the surface Caoimhe had managed to fly in undetected. It had been scary at times as close to the surface was actually a matter of inches and in some cases almost on it. Still being much smaller than any craft they had a better chance of flying beneath any detection system. Now her main worry was the fact the the glow from the explosive pack was the most likely thing give her away. Despite its massive potential there was no way something this small was going to destroy the gun so she placed it on the main bearing in the hope it would disable it long enough for the incoming forces to land safely. Setting the timer she contemplated her return home, in and out fast was the plan, yet despite that, she was tempted to stay on site a little longer and make sure Turlough made it out safely.

    BEL HW.jpg
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    So they got the image thing fixed?
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    Yes, we can post images fine again. ^^
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    New Girl.jpg
    Got bored and started dial morphing V4. I have a lot of morphs for her now, so I was experimenting. I wish I had all of these for Dawn...
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    Updated my balljointed Buzz

    I have made him available for free so if you have Carrara and would like to experiment with him pop on over to my Wacky Modeling in Carrara thread at Daz Carrara Forums.. He's attached to a post there :)

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    Dawn Superfly.png
    Here we go...
  8. Carey

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    very nicely done...
  9. Carey

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    great scene
  10. Dakorillon (IMArts)

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    My albums are still broke, so I'm posting this here. I was very pleased with how this turned out.
    Before the Storm

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    Very nice :)
  12. JOdel

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    Okay. I've been dragging my feet about moving a library of some 100+ character files up from Genesis 1. I do have a couple which are G2, but nearly all of them are still G1, mostly dependent upon GenXed morphs from gen3 and 4 (mostly 4).

    Given that G3 broke everything *and* started burying everything in Iray, it's a daunting prospect. On the other hand, Genesis 1 was rather a long time ago. There has been a *lot* of water under the bridge since Genesis 1.

    At any rate, something finally tipped the scales, and I've now got a project for which I'm going to be using primarily G3 and G8.

    G3 because G3 ended up with a whole slew of Toon and stylized caricature morphs, and this project is aiming for a 'Toon style.
    I turn out not to be particularly good at doing Toons. The best I can manage is to make my already noticeably stylized characters a bit *more* stylized. But dialing in some of 3DU's Toon Generations gets me off to a reasonable start. G8 because of Ollie. I hadn't realized that what I was waiting for was Ollie. But that does indeed turn out to be the case.

    My previous new project (still in progress) was the first one where I'd started building some new characters with G3 figures. So I'm learning to wrestle Iray materials into 3DL. It's a learning experience. Even when the figures *claim* to have 3DL materials, they tend render with blown-out highlights and the viewport is no guide to what they are going to render like at all.

    This particular project has the best chance of getting posted first, since it's already written. The others are all still WiPs so no telling when I'll get to the point of having those ready to post. I may go back and post some of those illos as well.

    But I figured that I'd post some of the new illos for the new project as I get them built. This is going to take a while, since Ive got a lot of characters to build before I'll be finished.

    So here is the frontispiece. Along with half the page spread and the pastel treatment overlay. I probably won't post the full version of the rest of them. They will just be the composite render versions, unframed.

    For this one I did a bit of scaling and what all to try to turn Ken's phoenix into a 'Toon phoenix. It about works.
  13. Miss B

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    Damn woman, that's one heck of a drawing!! I wouldn't mind a terrain like that for Bryce. Nicely done! ;)
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  14. Miss B

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    Nicely done JOdel! Then again, I've always liked your artwork. ;)
  15. JOdel

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    Thank you! I'm getting a slow start. Like I say, I'm not really used to working with Toons. I've enjoyed seeing the ones which have been posted in the forums, here and on other sites, but while I've picked up quite a few of them, I've never actually *worked* with them.
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  16. Miss B

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    Well, I think you're off to a good start. ;)
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  17. JOdel

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    Moving along; Illustration #1. (Note: there will be a few chapter tail illustrations in this project as well, but those would be a bit tricky to display.

    The Headmaster's (now Headmistress's) office, and Minerva considering recent events and her own part in them. (I think this is something like the 5th or 6th different iteration of this set. It's an ancient Stonemason piece now a part of the PC+ collection. Headmasters.jpg )

    It should be noted that with today's release of Edie 8, I may redo the Minerva figure. But possibly not.
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  18. Dakorillon (IMArts)

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    When doing terrains for Bryce, is it a mesh obj or something else? (Can you tell I don't know squat about Bryce?)
  19. Miss B

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    If I'm not mistaken, the default would be .OBP files, but I've only done my own renders, not exported anything from Bryce.

    I did export a terrain years ago from Terragen, that I was able to import into Bryce and play with, and render. Don't recall what kind of export Terragen does. I'd have to hunt that one down.

    Edited to Add: OK, it seems Terragen can export OBJs, LWOs and a few other formats, so I probably exported an OBJ.
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  20. Ken1171

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    We can also create terrains in Poser itself with the Morphing Tool and the ground plane with subdivision. :)
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