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carmen indorato

I adore Whisper… But I do notice the same thing that happened with the precious Shetland model-and that is the dials (poser 2014) are so tight they are useless, and I have to resort to entering numbers to get the body parts to move. If I try to just move the dial either nothing happens or a few seconds later the number is so high that the body part is bent drastically. Because I'm not used to using numbers it's a little frustrating. I wonder if other people have noticed this? It's as though the model is so condensed in reducing its size that the model itself is "heavier"… i.e. it takes longer to load into the scene, and the dials are so sluggish.

Don't get me wrong I'll learn a new way to use these models but I did want to ask if it'd been something others notice besides me and my friend.

Even with a bad hand and finger joints that are driving me crazy, I have an idea and have started setting it up for an art piece using whisper and Satira's new offering ! :)

Have had the same problem with Harry. That is why I have asked a few times if his mesh is denser than MilHorse1 or if his textures are higher res. I can fill a scene with MilHorse 1 a few humans a dog and a complex environment with just a little lag. But if I use Harry I can not use as many elements in the scene because the dials and positioning options in the set lag to almost a crawl. Sometimes out of frustration I select the figure or prop and click drag it to somewhere close to where I want it but that creates a mesh and I have stopped that silly alternative. It is frustrating. I know there is a beauty in the details of Harry as a model and I can see from he renders here there is equal beauty in all the other animals offered here and I love their realism as a result. But the price for me, is too dear sometimes with how much I get slowed down in my setting up scenes on the stage and I just go back to MilHorse 1.
Perhaps this is one of the concerns that has kept me from jumping in and purchasing more of the newer animals....built from the same Harry mesh.


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
My understanding is that it's the mane and tail that slow it down the most. Posing the horse and the rest of the scene elements first and *Then* adding manes and tails and posing them separately is supposed to help.