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  1. Woods Creature

    Woods Creature

  2. Sleeping Time

    Sleeping Time

  3. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Light Fae Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Light Fae Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Whisper morph
  4. Anthem For The Angels

    Anthem For The Angels

    Winged Horse For the HiveWIre Horse
  5. Pink Ponies

    Pink Ponies

  6. Leo Glow

    Leo Glow

  7. KP Square

    KP Square

  8. A Whisper of Magic

    A Whisper of Magic

    Poor whisper got the rainbow scared right out of him!! What's a unicorn without his Rainbow?
  9. Glow Pony

    Glow Pony

    Horn, Hooves, Mane, Tail, Fetlocks and Butterflies changed to Emissives, and are the only light source.
  10. Kitty Ponies - Set 2 on Whisper

    Kitty Ponies - Set 2 on Whisper

    Kitty Ponies - Set 2 contains texture of various coloured Clouded Leopards and Leopards. Some shown here on Whisper
  11. Kitty Ponies 2 - Whisper

    Kitty Ponies 2 - Whisper

    Sample of Kitty Ponies 2 coats on Whisper
  12. Kitty Ponies 1 - Whisper

    Kitty Ponies 1 - Whisper

    Sample of Kitty Ponies 1 coats on Whisper
  13. Hanging On To Magic

    Hanging On To Magic

  14. Sunrunner's Gold

    Sunrunner's Gold

    Done with the Hivewire Unicorn and Whisper's gold texture with Ron Deviney's Wave brushes.
  15. Mythic Spring

    Mythic Spring

  16. Whisper Kitties

    Whisper Kitties

    Same as my Whispers image but with some textures changed and sun in slightly different position. Iray Render. I just changed the colour displacement map on the coats and horns to my kitties ones (still has CWRW bump/spec, eyes etc)
  17. Whispers


    Iray Render
  18. Alisa

    RELEASED HiveWire Whisper

    A tiny, magical "Whisper" of a Unicorn to bring to your fantasy renders! Fragile & delicate, little Whisper has arrived. Look for the Elves and Fairies, and you'll find Whisper, but you must believe in Unicorns. Don't blink, don't talk too loudly, or Whisper may disappear! HiveWire Whisper...