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HiveWire Mule Deer


HW3D Exclusive Artist
Thanks all! (And LOL Satira!)

So here is the whole Mule Deer Family WIP: (static objs) Still need to do some more seams, do the 2 pt and velvet antlers and some more stuff for the tails.)

Very much still WIP on the Whitetail Deer Family:


And my fantasy "Silver" Family which is well on it's way: (mainly minor tweaks and adding some eye, hoof and antler color options)


HW3D President
Staff member
Love them all Laurie. Will be fun to see folks playing with Horsey maps on them too.

These just look so good and really come alive. And when I'm finished with the JCM and MCM shaping and Paul is finished with the rig adjustments the posing will put this over the top.

That lil' fart fawn is some thing special too with your map work Laurie. What a gem.

Yay Laurie. Some non-suckatude going on here.


HW3D Exclusive Artist
Cool! Wish I could model, as any antlers can be a simple smart prop. Also I might try doing an LAMH preset with a longer tail like that for my Silver Stag- still trying to get that neck ruff look in LAMH for him.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
EXACTLY!! The Doe in the first one looks like a cow. ;)

All of Harry's coats look good though. It's definitely going to be fun playing with this new family. :D