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RELEASED HiveWire Mule Deer


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I've been posting some time ago screen grabs of our Mule Deer morphs in our Horse thread, but it's time now I think to give him his own thread. We're getting serious now about this Mule Deer. This will be a morph product that will require the customer to have our Harry.

We discussed as a team that our Mule Deer Buck with be the lead off deer, but hoping the doe and fawn can still be released with the Buck or shortly after.

Laurie Prindle is back on texture mapping our Buck and has given me some great feedback on the shaping of the Buck that is still needed. So, I'm happy to tweak this animal morph to get it right. I've been working hard to make the needed tweaks so that we can all enjoy another top quality product from the Hive.

So here are a bunch of new screen grabs from my latest efforts.

I believe that Laurie will begin to show her killer map work before long here in this new thread.







Miss B

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Yes, but I suspect ALL the Deers in the Deer family won't be ready before next Christmas.


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Was just thinking, for those that would want a deer mount for there renders, this will serve well for that.

Taxidermy without the blood and guts killing.