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Discussion in 'Show Me The Honey' started by Chris, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Desertsilver

    Desertsilver Engaged

    So excited for this deer! I already have about 1000 renders I want to make with him...
  2. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Staff Member Co-Founder

    Wonderful, great to hear. We're pretty stoked also.
  3. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Staff Member Co-Founder

    Worked on Muley today. Here's what I did.

    1) Turned down the outer corner of mouth, so he's not smiling anymore.
    2) Lessened the gap between each hoof.
    3) Changed the shape of the genitals to look more deer like and less horse like.
    4) Renamed material name for Foot Claws to be 3_FootClaws.

    Sent new Obj off to Laurie.

    Previous mouth.

    New default mouth shape.

    Default mouth shape now.

    New shape overall.

    Lessened the gap on hooves.

    Better genital default shape.
  4. Flint_Hawk

    Flint_Hawk Noteworthy

    WOW Chris! He was perfect before, so how did you make him even better?
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  5. Desertsilver

    Desertsilver Engaged

    Looking so good.
    It always amazes me when such big animals have such tiny little hooves. My Uncle was a blacksmith and always said he was thankful he never had to shoe a reindeer.
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  6. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Staff Member Co-Founder

    Scaled this bad boy to Dusk. According to Wikipedia the Mule deer is from 31" to 42" tall at the shoulders. So I figure this Buck is around 40" to 42". Somewhere in there.



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  7. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Looking pretty darn good to me Chris. ;)
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  8. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    He's a lot shorter than I thought he'd be.

    Guess all thing hooved aren't as humongous as a moose :wink:
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  9. Desertsilver

    Desertsilver Engaged

    Would a tail morph be possible to get the white tailed deer look? deer.jpg
  10. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Staff Member Co-Founder

    Tail will be morphable for sure. But it would work better if the whole deer morphed to be a white tailed deer which won't happen on release of this buck. Would also be better with a matching texture map.

    So perhaps down the line. Sound good?
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  11. Desertsilver

    Desertsilver Engaged

    Sounds perfect!
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  12. ockham

    ockham Member

    Here are a couple pix of a mule deer in my yard, taken during a nearby forest fire with heavy smoke. Note the giant ears.

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  13. JOdel

    JOdel Extraordinary HW Honey Bear

    Which is why the call them *mule* deer...
  14. CWRW

    CWRW Extraordinary HW3D Exclusive Artist

    More WIP on the Mule Deer Buck. Also started playing with a Whitetail texture.


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  15. CWRW

    CWRW Extraordinary HW3D Exclusive Artist

    WIP whitetail fawn (ok let's all say Awwwwww, cute!!!!:)

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  16. Flint_Hawk

    Flint_Hawk Noteworthy

    I'll be the first! Aww!
  17. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    :yeahthat: Definitely awwwwww cute! :D
  18. Desertsilver

    Desertsilver Engaged

    Anyone here read the original Bambi books by Felix Salten ? They are really wonderful, I must have re read them 1000 times as a child.
  19. Lyne

    Lyne Dances with Bees HW Honey Bear

    @CWRW ---eeeeek!! wow WOW WOW!!
  20. JOdel

    JOdel Extraordinary HW Honey Bear

    Read the first one. Didn't realize there were others.

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