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    Thank you for the LAMH presets, they are much appreciated. I am a bit confused on something, it seems the mule deer and the Whitetail share the same morph which I find odd since there are differences between them, namely the ears, antler shape and whitetails tend to be more slender, less muscular. Am I missing something?

    EDIT just saw I have to have the antler pack to get the whitetail antlers, pretty crappy IMO since I passed on that as I have no interest in fantasy antlers or any of the upcoming deer breeds that the other antlers belong to and purchased the whitetail buck expecting a complete deer..
    Might want to think about renaming the CWRW Whitetail Buck package to CWRW Whitetail Buck Textures since you are just getting the textures and not an actual Whitetail deer.
  2. Alisa

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    Yep, some instructions on how to do that (which of course, you can do to your own specifications if you like !).

    Each of Laurie's Deer pack add-ons (Whitetail and some upcoming ones) contain specific directions in the ReadMe on how to morph the horse/deer in both Poser and DS to make it look like that type of Deer.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Freyfaxi

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    Mule Deer Whitetail comparison 1.png Now that the Whitetail buck is out, along with the antler set, I thought I'd post a comparison shot of the mule deer and whitetail bucks, using the suggested morphs in CWRW's readme file in the whitetail set. I'm wondering why they weren't issued as a morph with the texture set ? Also..I'm not familiar with either species in real life ( we don't have either species here Down Under) so I was wondering it there are other bodily differences ( eg--ear length) ?
  4. Stezza

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    Just modelled a shield board for the deer in Carrara...

    if anyone would like it I can make an OBJ of it but untextured. I just used Carrara's textures for it which won't transfer to Poser or DS I don't think.

    Deer Trophy.jpg
  5. CWRW

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    It was a conscious decision on my part to just make very general suggestions for the shaping of the Whitetail Buck- if one google images Whitetail Buck you will see there is a pretty wide range of body types from pretty chunky like a Mule Deer to pretty delicate. Yes a Whitetail Doe is much more delicate but this is the Buck not the Doe:) So there are a lot of ways the Whitetail can look/is subjective to a certain degree the way each person envisions their look. But yes you did catch the one thing I accidentally left out that is pretty consistent in the species (and I will revise the ReadMe) is the ears are most definitely smaller (although they can vary more than I thought too:) . I found using Y scaling on the ears to make them smaller worked very well.

    Also there were some technical reason for not making a preset- I don't know how to make the preset for Poser. DS is easy. I will likely offer a free DS preset here in resources. And if I can sort out how to do a correct Poser version I will offer that too. That said, once we can get to making the Classic Tack Fit for the Deer these free presets might not work with that.

    Also I did name my product Whitetail Buck as I also have a Whitetail Fawn texture down the road. I am very sorry for any confusion and am very sorry people are unhappy with the product. I did try to make it clear on the product page and imagery what the product actually consists of.
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    So some good news.... I did make a DS shape preset for the Whitetail Buck and our wonderful Ken G has very generously offered to do the Poser conversion for him so I will be updating the product to now include these character shape presets for you all. I added some other small features to the character and will redo some of my product page imagery to reflect that.

    I will be delaying release of my Red Stag and Fallow Deer until I get those shape presets made.
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  7. Miss B

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    Excellent news Laurie! :)
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  8. Freyfaxi

    Freyfaxi Adventurous

    I'm sorry if I came across as sounding critical over the Whitetail buck release..nothing was further from my intent. I was simply being curious . I have nothing but envy and praise for all your releases. Laurie. :)
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  9. CWRW

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    No I didn't take it that way but there have been others critical about the lack of the shape preset. No worries!
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  10. MCarr

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    Sorry if I came across critical, was not my intent. I get so used to the ways things generally work with DS/Poser and products and I just went in expecting things to be a certain way. I am one of those that learns by doing and as such I never even look at readmes unless it's an afterthought. I saw there was a FBM for the Mule deer and was confused as to where the Whitetail one was.
    Again, apologies. I love the texture work you do and it's a big reason I purchase the horse, cat and deer products, so thank you!

    I still don't agree with the antler scenario, but I guess I have another purchase to make.
  11. Alisa

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    Just a note - I know you're not alone in not reading ReadMes :). We DO aim to put important information in the ReadMes for all products sold here. That doesn't mean EVERY one will have stuff you need to know, but it's worth taking a quick look just to see. We keep the ReadMes consistent from product to product so that you can get used to what sections have info you want to know. Hope that helps!

    I hope you'll enjoy the antler set - maybe find some other uses for them...or you may discover after Laurie's got her other breeds out that you'll want those antler options. :).
  12. CWRW

    CWRW Extraordinary HW3D Exclusive Artist

    No worries! My testers asked too. Thanks to our wonderful KenG, I was able to make the Whitetail, Red Stag and Fallow Deer shape presets for Poser too. (Easy as heck in DS, not so in Poser, at least for those on Macs, like me:)

    LOL well Chris made the Antler Pack as folks wanted other antler options, and then I decided I wanted to make the deer breeds to go with them:) Sorry!

    But yes with HW products it really is worth the time to at least give the ReadMe a quick look.
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  13. Stezza

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    looking forward to the fallow deer... to replace my crappy attempt at it ;)

    The fallow and rusa deer are the popular breeds in my state of NSW.
  14. Harimau

    Harimau Eager

    Yes, there are differences between the two closely related species, Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) and the White tail deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Mule deer has larger ears and a black-tipped tail whereas White tail deer has smaller ears and the tail is completely white on the underside which is raised when alarmed to warn other deer. Mature Mule deer racks are taller and broader than those on whitetails and are bifurcated with more tines. For more information and pictures of the two deer see A QUICK GUIDE TO DIFFERENTIATE MULE DEER FROM WHITE-TAILED DEER - Colorado Outdoors Online
  15. CWRW

    CWRW Extraordinary HW3D Exclusive Artist

    To add to what Alisa said here- on my own products if I feel there is very important info and tips in the ReadMe I state that and what that info is, on my product pages. It is definitely worth the few seconds to actually read the full product description on a product page as it tells what is in a product:)

    That said I will in future aim to clarify my product imagery even further.
  16. Janet

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    Is there a fawn in the works?
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  17. JOdel

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    Yeah, and a doe. No ETA though.
  18. NapalmArsenal

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    Not sure if you are a Poser user or a Daz Studio user, but feel free to download my Whitetail shape preset for Daz Studio. It's got a thinner abdomen than what is in the readme files. Dropbox - White Tail Shaping
    Next time, It might be wise to make sure what is included in the package before purchase and please check the readme file as there are settings that will allow you to dial in your Whitetail. That's what it's there for. I think it was left subjectively as everyone has a different interpretation as to how the deer look. Some are very dainty, some rather massive, it just depends upon your particular liking. I like mine with thinner abdomens some like them full.
    Well Daz is known for offering add ons for many of their products in such a manner as well as other stores. BTW the Fallow deer textures are going to be Awesome! Oh and you haven't even seen that Fantasy antler set !! I plan on doing some textures for that.
  19. Is the team going to make a white deer texture for the mule deer?
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  20. CWRW

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    I also have a "Silver Stag" I've been working on- there are several WIP renders of it in this thread - here are some: HiveWire Mule Deer

    Also if you have any of the various white or light colored coats (for example: Whisper, Arab, Unicorn etc) for Harry they work quite nicely on the deer too.

    I wanted to get the "breed" ones done/out first because of the Antler Pack. My Silver Stag is not dependent on what antlers to use:) He is NOT an albino/I wasn't planning on that as some of Whisper's are already so close to that.

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