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HiveWire Mule Deer

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
WOW, that's some set of Antlers! Oh, and he's tagged, so folks are watching/taking care of him.


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Some very early WIPS on my Red Stag and early LAMH work too. All are Iray renders. (also to note- the deer does not have any of the jcms/mcms etc..this is a total quick rig Paul did for me so I could get started on the LAMH for the buck)

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View attachment 44283
Gorgeous, gorgeous work! Even without the LAMH it looks fantastic.

Hot Damn Laurie! LIKE is definitely not good enough for this. We definitely need a LOVE button too. :D
We kinda do have a love button but it's a manual one. You type a colon, the word love, and another colon with no spaces.
Easy peasy!


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Wow, that certainly does make for a beautiful Christmas ornament. Just as one option. Nice work.


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Hey Rae do you have the Appaloosa's ? Coat textures? Would like to see one with those. Very cool on the tiger stripes!