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RELEASED HiveWire House Cat Begins


HW Honey Bear
Yes indeed. That looks very much like the ones I've been seeing in the photos.


Contributing Artist
Maybe it's just me but those ears look a bit big. Can't wait to get this cat!

The Hivewire cat needs more morphs: Persian, Maine Coone, British Shorthair . . .

Edited to add I just found this photo. If that's the look you are going for you nailed it.


HW3D Exclusive Artist
The cool thing about this particular morph is one can dial it in between to get a lot of looks. That is largely why we went for the more extreme modern style Siamese look. So this way one can dial in anything from the base cat- 0 (which is more like an older style Siamese in body shape etc) up to this more extreme look (1.00 or 100%). I will be showing that feature off in my product imagery when we get to that point. This body shape is also seen on several other modern cat breeds as well. It could even be used as a base for a Sphinx cat.


HW3D Exclusive Artist
The Hivewire cat needs more morphs: Persian, Maine Coone, British Shorthair . . .
Actually it doesn't take that much to make a Persian or British (and Scottish) Shorthair- all the morphs are in the base cat to make those. Maine Coons without using dynamic fur will be harder to do as long thick hair is such a big part of their look.


HW3D President
Staff member
Tonight showing some combinations with the new Modern Siamese morph.


Base House Cat


Full Modern Siamese Morph


Half Base morph and half Modern Siamese morph make a good older style Siamese


Half and Half again


Modern Siamese body and Base House Cat head


House Cat body and Modern Siamese head