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Feed Your Muse Render Challenge! - CLOSED


All great renders, some really wonderful ones. I didn't have time to enter because I put all my effort into the Drone 166 competition at the college evening ZBrush class I'm doing. But I will enter the next Hivewire competition, and in the meantime I wish you all good luck in this one.


@Bonnie2001 , we kindly thank you for the the good luck wishes. Challenges and contests come and go as they always will, so no worries. Always mind whats most important for you and as far as art is concerned, strive to be the best you can, constantly pushing your skills and knowledge boundaries because in this field is as tough to succeed as in any other... So, good luck to you too with your art classes.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Good luck with the animation competition Bonnie, and please do let us know how it turns out when the results of the competition are made public to the class. :)


Contributing Artist
Finaly have it ready!

Final Render
Title: Amused

(I'm often inspired by nature and/or music, so...)
The Lady is Dawn, of course, with Tempesta3D's "Brooke".



Second Non-Entry (far too late anyway), entitled "The Acme Muse-O-Matic": A 4-panel cartoon-strip type thingy.
Panel 1: A smarmy 1950's-type salesman holding the boxed item and crooning Bing Crosby style "When my muse is on vacation, there is one sure-fire solution, that's the Acme Muse-O-Matic !"
Panel 2:
The salesman gestures towards a customer who's wearing the device. "Simply place the device over your head with the control dial at the front (make sure you set it to 'Reality' before you put it on!), tighten the suction cups using the fitting screws, and attach the thingumajigs and whatyamacallits." The dial and it's settings are clearly visible in the image: 'Reality' is at the 12 o'clock position; 'Slightly Odd' at 2 o'clock; 'Rather Strange' at 4 o'clock; 'Very Weird' at 6 o'clock; 'Totally Bizarre' at 8 o'clock; and 'Bleuuuarrrggh!'at 10 o'clock. The customer has his eyes crossed as he tries to see the dial...
Panel3: "The Acme Muse-O-Matic needs no battery as it draws power directly from your brain. Start slowly by turning the dial one click clockwise. You'll find that..." The image shows the view from inside the customer's head as he finally crosses his eyes sufficiently to actually see the control dial... from behind - there's a thinks bubble 'one... click... clockwise!' and you can see that he has just turned the dial one click clockwise (there's a 'CLUNK!'sound effect too)... but from his back-to front perspective.
Panel 4:
Use your own imagination here !

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