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WIP Dawn S.E. Faces of the World Underway


One of my friends is Eskimo-Inuit/ Swiss. She is always taken for pure Japanese at the anime Cons she goes to--- by Japanese!-- so, yes, it is really pretty subjective.

(Test starts at 6.32 )
Koreans and ethnic Japanese both have their origins ultimately in Siberia, so it's not really surprising that Eskimo-Aleuts and Na-Dene peoples are often mistaken for East Asians. Weirder to me is the fact that Eurasians (i.e., children of a European parent and East Asian parent) are sometimes mistaken for Native Americans; I don't see the similarity at all. Maybe it's because the face model (and voice actress) of Disney's Pocahontas, Irene Bedard, is part Inuit and part Métis (who are of mixed French Canadian and Algonquian, especially Cree and Ojibwa, descent).


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I 'd be very interested to see what you have picked as a Celtic/Irish face. What types of references are you using to decide things like how big boned, how thin lipped, how large the brows, ect.

( Not nit picking, I'm actually interested for my own work) The more I read- the less I'm sure of : )
Blood of the Irish: What DNA Tells Us About the Ancestry of People in Ireland
For my self I took a oh so scientific approach (year right lol) I did a google search for Irish/Celtic then just picked a handfull of images that to me looked right. One of them as actually the image on that page :) Not sure how Chris is approaching it


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Looking great Chris...maybe as well as this we need someone who could do a set of individual morphs that people can use to create their own individual dial spins. Even within cultures there is a huge diversity.


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mm, any chance for an asian male? I know this is for Dawn, but i do have my reason for asking.;)
Certainly so. We do have a couple Asian morphs I know that I've created in the past for Dusk. Here's one example that I've found. Our plan is to see how we do with this first set for Dawn, and if there is enough interest we'll create something similar for Dusk.



That Irish face for Dawn reminds me a bit of Amy Adams. I think it's the mouth and cheeks. (Even though she's almost twice my age, I've always thought Amy Adams is extremely attractive. And so super talented. The fact that she didn't win any awards for Arrival is a crime.)