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WIP Dawn S.E. Faces of the World Underway


HW3D President
Staff member
Our plan is to create 24 face morphs for Dawn S.E. These are very subjective as to the accuracy of different races or areas around the world. But it's the variety that I think will be of value. I'm picking a range to cover different facial looks. And of course you'll be able to combine these to various degrees with each other and existing facial morphs.

This is just the beginning. I'll be creating these every so often and working them in with other projects.

Here are the first 3 faces that I've chosen.

First to show you screen grabs of Dawn S.E. to compare with.



West African







Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
@Chris this looks very interesting and as long as you're working on face morphs, Chris, I'm not sure if this request would fit in but it's something I've always wanted in both Dawn and Dusk-and that is "laugh lines" wrinkles coming out from the corners of the eyes. It would be nice to be able to dial those in, and in some cases to give a character more… well… character! :) Morphed wrinkles around eyes and mouth etc. work to add aging too (being we have an aging body morph but not anything for the face). Anyway it goes without saying that I will grab this new set up immediately and thanks for considering my idea. :)