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poser 12

  1. Ken1171

    RELEASED MAT Edit Python Script for Poser 12

    MAT Edit for Poser 12 One of the biggest limitation when editing materials in Poser has always been the fact that we can only select and edit a single material at a time. This is a general materials editor for Poser 12 that allows processing multiple materials, figures and props simultaneously...
  2. Ken1171

    RELEASED SkinEdit Python Script for Poser 12

    ~SkinEdit Python Script for Poser 12~ Most figures have lots of material zones, and it can be tiresome to manually edit them one-by-one. Victoria 4 has like 14 just for the skin, and DawnSE has 9 for that as well. This means that if we want to edit just the skin materials on V4, we have to do...
  3. Ken1171

    RELEASED Light Dots Python Script for Poser 12

    Welcome to memory dots for LIGHTS in Poser 12! Makes me wonder why Poser never had these for lights, but here it is, and it's bigger and packed with extra functionality! ^____^ This is something I wanted to have in Poser 12 that I would use a lot. It's a way to quickly store and retrieve light...
  4. Ken1171

    WIP RigControl for Dawn 2.0

    ** ControlRig for Dawn 2.0 ** This is a Python script for Poser 12 that allows controlling all of Dawn2's facial rig by just dragging the red dots with the mouse. No need to hunt for dials! Dawn 2.0 facial rig is not finished yet, and my beta version of the figure has only the left side of...
  5. Ken1171

    RELEASED Scatter Tool II Python Script for Poser 12

    ~Scatter Tool II Python Script for Poser 12~ **REQUIRES Poser 12.0.396 or newer. The Scatter Tool II brings a new level of automation when scattering objects into your Poser scenes. Check some of the new features below. Ever wanted to scatter objects at random on a scene, like grass, rocks...
  6. Ken1171

    RELEASED IK Manager Python Script for Poser 12

    ~IK Manager~ (Python Script for Poser 12) ** Requires Poser 12.0.396 or newer Ever wanted to use more IK (Inverse Kinematics), but found it cumbersome, and hard to reach in Poser? The IK Manager P12 brings all your Inverse Kinematic needs to one single, easy to reach panel. Now you can quickly...
  7. Ken1171

    RELEASED LockMaster Python Script for Poser 12

    ~LockMaster Python Script for Poser 12~ **REQUIRES Poser 12.0.396 or newer. LockMaster is a brand new way of automating the locking, resetting, zero posing, or toggling visibility of 1 or multiple body parts on a figure with 1-click. Traditionally, Poser makes it hard to lock body parts...
  8. Dream9Studios

    Need help making a superfly shader

    I'm currently working on converting all the characters for my graphic novel project from Firefly to Superfly and I've run into a problem. Well, several problems but I'm only going to ask about one for right now. LOL The attached render is of the lovely and mysterious character known as Olivia...
  9. Dream9Studios

    Poser 12 Is Out!!!

    Poser 12 is now available!! It's classified as "pre-release software" so there are still some bugs to be worked out and there will be constant updates but I've jumped on the bandwagon and glad I did. Here's a raw render I did of a character for La Femme that I've been working on just to show...