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  1. Cat Nap

    Cat Nap

  2. King&Queen


  3. Ambushed


  4. Soothing The Savage Beast

    Soothing The Savage Beast

  5. Fearless


  6. Lion Queen

    Lion Queen

    Daz Studio, Iray. Postwork in Photoshop.
  7. Tender Loving Care

    Tender Loving Care

  8. A Child's Touch

    A Child's Touch

  9. Delicate


  10. Untitled


  11. We Must All Come Together

    We Must All Come Together

  12. Reach for the stars

    Reach for the stars

  13. Breakfast With Tiffany

    Breakfast With Tiffany

    Rendered in Carrara
  14. Blanco


  15. Adopted


  16. MattVG

    HiveWire Big Cat Lion asking for missing texture

    I just bought and installed the HiveWire Big Cat Lion today and upon attempting to load the lion, it says "Unable to locate file. Could not find file: /Runtime/Textures/CWRW/CWRW_HWBigCat/CWRW_HWBigCat2B.jpg" I then have the options to Locate, Skip, or Stop Asking. This texture isn't listed on...
  17. HW Lion

    HW Lion

  18. Big Lion

    Big Lion

    Hivewire's Lion rendered in Carrara
  19. Jungle Lion

    Jungle Lion

  20. Whitelion2