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  1. Battle Of The Sea Kings

    Battle Of The Sea Kings

    Two Makara battle for territory. The Seacorn and the Lionfish, who will win?
  2. Pride


  3. Lion Cub

    Lion Cub

  4. Tribal Warrioress

    Tribal Warrioress

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  5. Wild Ones

    Wild Ones

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  6. Summer


    I re-coloured the Bump map and used it as the displacement (from the new HW Big Cat Leopard).
  7. Kitty Ponies Family

    Kitty Ponies Family

  8. KP Square

    KP Square

  9. Kitty Ponies - Set 1

    Kitty Ponies - Set 1

    Kitty Ponies - Set 1 contains texture of various coloured Tigers and lions
  10. Kitty Ponies - Sets 1 & 2

    Kitty Ponies - Sets 1 & 2

    Kitty Ponies Sets 1 (Tiger & Lions) and Set 2 (Clouded Leopard & Leopards)
  11. Kitty Ponies 1 - Whisper

    Kitty Ponies 1 - Whisper

    Sample of Kitty Ponies 1 coats on Whisper
  12. Toon Kitties

    Toon Kitties

    Sample of Kitty Ponies coats on Toon Horse
  13. Lion Tiger Promo

    Lion Tiger Promo

  14. Kitty Ponies - Lion

    Kitty Ponies - Lion

    3Delight Render
  15. Lion And The Unicorn

    Lion And The Unicorn

    My Lion and Tiger textures from the Kitty Ponies series. (tried to make the snow look like sand :P)