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  1. Dream9Studios

    I think I found a bug with the Hivewire Lion?

    I'm making my first artwork with the Hivewire Lion (which is awesome by the way!) but I've run into what may be a bug. If I use the "Yawn" or "Yawn 2" morphs past a value of 0.6 then the lion's mane will go into his mouth. The mane looks fine before a value of 0.6 but as soon as it hits that...
  2. Jungle King

    Jungle King

  3. Magical Melody

    Magical Melody

  4. Scrappy


  5. Rebel


  6. Fierce


  7. Tranquility


  8. King Of The Night

    King Of The Night

  9. Tiger Alien

    Tiger Alien

    HW Big Cat Lion (with a tiger coat I mocked up) and G8F
  10. In The Jungle

    In The Jungle

  11. Jungle Girl

    Jungle Girl

  12. Rrrowr!


    Same image as already posted to my album, with some postwork. HW Dawn, string bikini, my own t-shirt, texture uses HW Big Cat - Lion.
  13. Rrrowr?


    Just a little something I've been working on. The image on the tshirt is the HW lion.
  14. Walk On The Wild Side

    Walk On The Wild Side

  15. Bridal Party

    Bridal Party

  16. White Warrior

    White Warrior

  17. Cuddle Bugs

    Cuddle Bugs

  18. On The Prowl

    On The Prowl

  19. Ice Land

    Ice Land

  20. FJ Holden With Lion

    FJ Holden With Lion

    Rendered in Carrara