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Poseidons Gift
@Pendraia Thanks Pen

All the lighting is from an underwater HDRi (which is also the background) and one of the first images I made with Harry :)
Wow! where did you get an underwater HDRI? I love Harry in this image...wouldn't it be great to have a geografted mermaids tail for Harry so he could be a seahorse?
@Pendraia I cant remember but I searched and searched and searched :) I would love a seahorse model but a Half Horse/Half Fish is called a Hippocampus :) (and I can see Harry as that very well, wish I knew how to do that :p)
I have a very old seahorse model, can't remember where I got it from probably Daz...he would make a lovely hippocampus...I know the basics of geografting and managed to get it working once. I'm not sure I'm clever enough to rig it as well though. I have a mermaid tail done for Dawn that I need to work out how to rig...
That would be very cool. I have no idea how to do any of that, I have enough trouble trying to cloth them :p
someone kindly gave me a cute toon model he made because it was rigged in a different program (he didn't fee right selling it to me when it wouldn't work for what I wanted). I tried to rig it for Daz and nearly did my head in :D I don't think I could make a model either so I take my hat off to all that do

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