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  1. Feathers and Fins

    Feathers and Fins

  2. Sea Creatures

    Sea Creatures

  3. Perils Of The Deep

    Perils Of The Deep

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
  4. Seaweed


  5. Wonders Of The Sea

    Wonders Of The Sea

  6. Beautiful Fish

    Beautiful Fish

  7. Saved


  8. Siren's Song

    Siren's Song

  9. Jeweled Beauties

    Jeweled Beauties

    I'm dedicated to Hive Wire! ;)
  10. Mermaid


    Created October 2013. Yes, I did actually Photoshop V3's mermaid tail onto Dawn.
  11. Stop There!

    Stop There!

  12. The Love Of a Child

    The Love Of a Child

    Created a while back..so in love with Dawn & Luna!
  13. Sea Creatures

    Sea Creatures

  14. Merman Song

    Merman Song

  15. The Mermaid

    The Mermaid

    A character for Dawn under development
  16. Siren of the Sea

    Siren of the Sea

  17. Sentinel Of Atlantis

    Sentinel Of Atlantis

  18. N

    mythological erotica figures for Dawn and Dusk?

    Would Hivewire3D be willing to make mythological erotic art figures, such as loup garous, werewolves, mermaids and merman, and ipotanes, fauns, and satyres for their title line of figures? Some believe that some type of mythological creatures cannot be done in an erotic manner; I think...
  19. Daughter Of The Sea

    Daughter Of The Sea

    A little mermaid fun!
  20. Makara Life -resize

    Makara Life -resize

    What would life be like for a family under the sea? Makara was the Hindu and later Greek name for a creature that was half fish and half regular animal.