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  1. Mermaid Life

    Mermaid Life

  2. Memories of Ariel

    Memories of Ariel

  3. Sorcerer of Mer

    Sorcerer of Mer

  4. Mermaid and her Treasure

    Mermaid and her Treasure

  5. Trapped Mermaid

    Trapped Mermaid

  6. Mermaid Jewel

    Mermaid Jewel

  7. Precious Mermaid

    Precious Mermaid

  8. Coloring book- Mermaid

    Coloring book- Mermaid

    One of my first iPhone color by number pictures
  9. Sea Creatures

    Sea Creatures

  10. Perils Of The Deep

    Perils Of The Deep

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
  11. Seaweed


  12. Wonders Of The Sea

    Wonders Of The Sea

  13. Beautiful Fish

    Beautiful Fish

  14. Saved


  15. Siren's Song

    Siren's Song

  16. Jeweled Beauties

    Jeweled Beauties

    I'm dedicated to Hive Wire! ;)
  17. Mermaid


    Created October 2013. Yes, I did actually Photoshop V3's mermaid tail onto Dawn.
  18. Stop There!

    Stop There!

  19. The Love Of a Child

    The Love Of a Child

    Created a while back..so in love with Dawn & Luna!
  20. Sea Creatures

    Sea Creatures