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Daughter Of The Sea
A little mermaid fun!
I am not one to be poetic but shrug lol

Daughter Of The Sea

Sailors be wary of winds and high water.

For the sea has a secret, the sea has a daughter.

Softly she beckons, seductively she stares and

Once you give into her, you're under her spell.

Crashing waves ripple, the caressing of skin.

Sweet subtle desire, the murderess of men.

If you do meet her, take care not to tarry

with the flip of her tail-fin, to your death she will carry.
Looks like you're ready for the big time. I don't think I'll ever be this good. Super dandy plus!
@Guy Conrad LOL nah I just get alot of practice! All I can say is practice, practice, practice, every piece you create improves your skills and the more pieces you have the better your skills will get.

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