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  1. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Bump and Texture Maps for Ocean in PD Howler or PD Artist 2019-11-16

    A zip file with two maps, a bump map (put it in the main buffer) and a texture map (put it in the swap buffer) for use in PD Howler Puppy Ray or 3D Designer. Play with lighting, colors, etc. Turn off the water plane. Have fun!
  2. Winter Sea

    Winter Sea

  3. Under Sea

    Under Sea

    PD Howler - Puppy Ray 3D Generated.
  4. Rolling Sea 1

    Rolling Sea 1

    PD Howler- PuppyRay generated 3D Ocean.
  5. Beside The Seaside

    Beside The Seaside

    Beside the Seaside for Daz Studio by BlueTreeStudio
  6. Rough Shoals-sm

    Rough Shoals-sm

    I can't decide whether this needs a dragon or a mermaid
  7. Battle Of The Sea Kings

    Battle Of The Sea Kings

    Two Makara battle for territory. The Seacorn and the Lionfish, who will win?
  8. Black Rainbow Seacorn

    Black Rainbow Seacorn

    Hivewire Horse, Fresien IMArts Fantasy Unicorn for HW Horse- Rainbow (At Rendo) Hivewire Unicorn horn Seahorse for HW Horse Sunny Seas from Oceans vol 1 Land-Escapes
  9. Sunset Of Civilization-sm

    Sunset Of Civilization-sm

    PD Howler 11
  10. Inktober #9

    Inktober #9

  11. NightRun


  12. Look What I Caught

    Look What I Caught

    Dusk SE Custom Char
  13. Amid An Amber Sea

    Amid An Amber Sea

    Done with CWRW's Liver Chestnut
  14. Dressed To Kill

    Dressed To Kill

    This was a promo render for a cover contest on FaceBook (I'm an Admin so I can enter the contest myself). The theme was "Dressed to Kill". I couldn't find an Eskimo/Inuit Parka, so ended up retexuring Wilmaps G2M parka. Turned out pretty good, I thought!
  15. Daughter Of The Sea

    Daughter Of The Sea

    A little mermaid fun!
  16. Ocean Queen

    Ocean Queen

  17. Unbridled Spirit

    Unbridled Spirit

  18. He Is Lost In The Ocean Of Her Eyes

    He Is Lost In The Ocean Of Her Eyes

  19. Mythrendir


    Mythrendir - Reaver of Myths All that lives of legendry, beauty magic mystery, grace and purity, dwells in me.