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daz studio 4

  1. ShadowSong-Asamar.


    Original Character Commission.
  2. The Gathering

    The Gathering

    buncha G3's on bikes. Sorry about the graininess. That's the best my 6 yr old machine could handle. I need to upgrade or stick with simple cheesy pinups. haha comments are welcome Thanks JV
  3. Lucy


    A portrait of Lucy. Done in Iray Pix Lucy + MDD Jerica Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  4. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Hivewire Horse issue in DS4.8

    Whenever I load Harry, he comes up as a foal, doesn't matter if I select him, himself, or select directly from one of the breeds, which I assume means, that the problem is with the main horse. I have to always go in and turn off the foal dial. I have re-loaded the Harry base file several times...
  5. Gadget Girl

    3DL materials not previewing correctly

    So I'm not a big DS user, and I don't know if this is normal (I know in Poser there are certain things that just won't preview correctly). I have a black option for the shoes I'm working on, which is basically the white option with the Diffuse Color changed. It renders just fine, but it...
  6. Lobo3433

    Blender & Daz Studio

    Not sure if anyone has bought this up or mentioned this add on for working with Daz Genesis figures inside of Blender. The tool is primarily for creating morph targets but I feel it has potential for so much more and it is under continuous development Khalibloo Panel and can be found here...
  7. Gadget Girl

    How to setup a new Runtime/Content Library in DS?

    Okay first off I should say, I do know in DS how to go to the Content Directory Manager and select an existing folder and tell DS to use it as either a DS or a Poser formatted content library/runtime. But here's the thing I created a huge amount of trouble for myself on my last (and first) DS...


    Nearly Nekkid Monique In A Temple With A Sword. Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  9. Conquistadore


  10. The Dream

    The Dream

    HW Horse OP Prop Horn My Background PostWork in PD Howler
  11. Kamalishia2


    A Mage Fighter, Dark-Fey
  12. Jonti Laugh

    Jonti Laugh

    a Vandread Laughing
  13. Comingto To The Light

    Comingto To The Light

    Dark Fey, Coming to the Light for the first time.
  14. Birany-HalfkidCentaur


    A halfling-Goat Centaur - Needed a little more blending at the waist. But, she is ready for adventure and great at mountain-climbing.
  15. Sarista Girl

    Sarista Girl

    Sarista Gypsies are from Talislanta, they have Amber Skin and Black Hair.
  16. Bosun Grygore

    Bosun Grygore

    Bosun for "The WidowMaker"
  17. WidowMaker


    A Steampunk Captain
  18. Young Fey2

    Young Fey2

    A morphed character of my own making. (the morph, not the hair or skin)
  19. Tim Boy Space

    Tim Boy Space

    Cause boys....Space...Space boys.
  20. Warriors Finished

    Warriors Finished

    This was done for a contest, on Military. It is to show how our modern troops owe their training and organization to the historical troops that they were built upon. And we salute all of the fighting men and women.