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House Cat Fur Success

House Cat Fur Success

It started as a test of the "Look at My Hair" function, but turned into a feline treasure
Hey, Look at me... Adore me!

This is surely the heart song of any and all cats and one never to be ignored by the mere mortal humans they benevolently permit to remain in their presence. Just ask anyone who has owned... um, that is... who has had the honor of being owned by a cat. They'll tell you it's true.

This started as a test of "Look at My Hair" using "LAMH Presets for the HiveWire House Cat" available here at HW:
LAMH Presets for the HiveWire House Cat - A Saiyaness Creation at HiveWire 3D

It took quite a bit of learning to get this going, but the results are worth it. To render it in IRay, I had to use the LAMH pane to export the hair as OBJ (about 1.3 GB) and that took quite a while. I also had to photoshop out some white "bits," but that was quick and the result was well worth the time.

The background is one of my personal star fields with one of the Blackout versions of the moon from my "Hang The Moon Image Resource.":
Hang The Moon Image Resource - A PhotoGG Creation at HiveWire 3D

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