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  1. Dream9Studios

    Need help making a superfly shader

    I'm currently working on converting all the characters for my graphic novel project from Firefly to Superfly and I've run into a problem. Well, several problems but I'm only going to ask about one for right now. LOL The attached render is of the lovely and mysterious character known as Olivia...
  2. F

    Hair not really connected to the head?

    I have a model in DAZ 3D, and when I export it as an FBX into other programs (Blender, 3DS MAX), the hair isn't connected to the character's head. Why is this? How can I fix it?
  3. F

    Invisible hair?

    I have a character model in 3DSMAX, but I can only see blue outlines of the character's hair. However, I can click on the hair proving that it's all there and the outlines do go away, but then the hair just turns completely invisible. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
  4. Gili Hair

    Gili Hair

    Biscuits Gili Hair 3in1 for G8F by Biscuits
  5. Summer Sleek

    Summer Sleek

    Summer Sleek Hair and Accessories for G8F by ArtTailor
  6. Twizted Hair Shaders 2

    Twizted Hair Shaders 2

    Twizted Hair Shaders 2 by TwiztedMetal
  7. House Cat Fur Success

    House Cat Fur Success

    It started as a test of the "Look at My Hair" function, but turned into a feline treasure
  8. spearcarrier

    DAZ dynamic cloth hair, defeated!

    So I upgraded to Windows 10, and it took my external hard drive with it. I lost a lot of important stuff, including the remapped working of Bunny Girl I was gonna share with her creator. It also took my dynamic hair project, which I've been working on a for a long while. Lucky for me I...
  9. guaiamustudio

    Dreadlocks for Dawn

    Hi friends! How are you? I always wanted to create hair but i had no idea of how do it! haha! So this is my first attempt, i'm creating Dreadlocks for Dawn :) This is how look so far. :) What you guys think? Have a nice weekend!!
  10. Alisa

    RELEASED Sora's Tenacity Twin Tails!

    Get yours now, and have a hurricane of fun !!! Sora's Tenacity Twin Tails - A HiveWire 3D Creation by Christopher Creek Art and CG Cubed We've put you in control of the hurricane of tendrils that make up each of the Tenacity Twin Tails. With a myriad of control dials to match any fiery pose...
  11. Hair Conversion Panel - WIP

    Hair Conversion Panel - WIP

    Work in Progress. Upcoming FREE replacement for the Hair Conversion System 2014. 100% backwards compatible with great new features.
  12. Minyassa

    Minyassa's Products at HW3D

    It is about time I replaced my thread in the new forum! Here's my thread for my products in the store, to show off and answer any questions anyone may have. My two newest as of 11/11/16 are Soul Windows, both for M4/V4/K4 and for Dawn/Dusk/Luna. These are sets of 116 hand-painted eye textures...
  13. CajunBeauty

    African American Hair For Dawn

    Is there any African American Hair around for Dawn? Preferably free. Daz Studio compatible.
  14. LeoLee

    Leo Lee's Freebies