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  1. Diva is lost in the stars, gazing at the moonset and watching the night sky.

    Diva is lost in the stars, gazing at the moonset and watching the night sky.

  2. House Cat Fur Success

    House Cat Fur Success

    It started as a test of the "Look at My Hair" function, but turned into a feline treasure
  3. Black Panther Full Moon

    Black Panther Full Moon

    Climbing up the ridge to see the full moon resulted in more exciting of a view than expected! ;-)
  4. Moon GLow Mini-Tutorial By PhotoGG

    Moon GLow Mini-Tutorial By PhotoGG

    Here's a little bonus for folks working on Halloween images. It's meant as a promo for my "Hang The Moon Image Resource" available exclusively here at HiveWire3D, but the method works with any similar images, so enjoy!
  5. Djinny With The Light Brown Hair

    Djinny With The Light Brown Hair

    I just finished my "Hang the Moon" Image Resource to be released at HW very soon and couldn't help but have a bit of fun with it. For those not up to date on ancient words and music, Djin is the ancient word for Gennie and "Jenny with the Light Brown Hair" was a very popular song from very long ago.
  6. WelcomeToTheInferno_PhotoGG


    Welcome to the Inferno!
  7. Inferno_Widescreen2_ShowAll


  8. WIP Big Cat Collar

    WIP Big Cat Collar

    Work in Progress, Big Cat Collar
  9. CathedralCloudsMiniPak_Widescreen2_ShowAll


    Thumbnail Samples of the Cathedral Clouds MiniPak
  10. EveningGrandeurMiniPak_Widescreen2_ShowAll


    Thumbnail Samples of the Evening Grandeur MiniPak
  11. FireMountainMiniPak_Widescreen2_ShowAll


    Thumbnail samples of the Fire Mountain MiniPak
  12. StudioArtVartanianMemorial3_1600


    In honor of Joanna and all she shared with the 3D family.
  13. UrbanNatureSample_byPhotoGG_1600


    Urban Nature Sample
  14. UrbanNatureMiniPak_Widescreen2_ShowAll


    Previews of the images in the Urban Nature MiniPak
  15. BlueSkiesBeyondTheCloudsSample_1600_byPhotoGG


    He's the smart one of the bunch!
  16. SomberSkiesSample_1600_byPhotoGG


    A memorial to the price of freedom.
  17. DuskAndDawnLookingToTheHorizon_byPhotoGG


    Such a beautiful day and here it is! What have they found that is so exciting? You be the storyteller and follow your own adventure!
  18. SoftGlorySkies_ProductRelease


    So what, or who is most Glorious to you?
  19. ProductThreadStarter_1600


    A starter image for my products thread