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AF-11 SparrowHawk
AF-11 Aerospace Fighter
2 15mm Auto-Cannons Fixed Forward
2 66mm Heavy Gause Cannons
6000lbs Optional Wing Mounted Ordinance
One Pilot
The SparrowHawk AF11 is the further evolution of the AF9 Super Sparrow Aerospace Superiority Fighter. while redesigned, the SparrowHawk has a very similar shape and profile to it's predessesor, So much so that at a distance or to an untrained eye, they might be mistaken for one another. The SparrowHawk is upgraded in many ways, with a far more powerful reactor, improved thrust, and better composite armor plating. The SparrowHawk has a somewhat blockier build, especially along the front edge, which causes it's atmospheric performance to suffer significantly compared against the Super Sparrow. This is because at the time the SparrowHawk was designed and entered production far more engagements were in far orbit or interplanetary space from carriers or motherships, and although the ability to enter an atmosphere for landing or to attack surface targets it was seen more as an afterthought. More and more worlds that had been free engagement zones were seeing improved orbital defenses, making it even harder for fighters to easily enter atmosphere. Instead the focus of the SparrowHawk was for improved space engagement and keeping it small enough for larger numbers to be based on carriers and bases. The primary mission role in mind for the SparrowHawk was as an interceptor and fleet defense. It's twin 15mm repeating cannons are it's primary air to air armament for dogfighting - while the twin 66mm gause cannons pack sufficient punch to engage heavy bombers and pose a threat even to corvettes and destroyers. Though the gause cannons are slow firing, a direct hit from them is enough to almost annihilate a conventional fighter craft.
The AF 11 SparrowHawk entered production and first saw deployment in the years immediately preceding the corporate insurrections. While the EOC had ordered many squadrons to replace aging fighters in service, only a handful had been delivered by the outbreak of the Insurrections. During the insurrections there were far more AF11s in corporate militias than in EOC deployment. The fact that the corporate militias were repurposing craft meant for sale to the E.O.C. and that said craft were deployed without repainting in hurried engagements led to mass confusion in conflicts at times. The battle of Farhgraid is a prime example, not only being one of the early flashpoints of the Insurrections, but being a heavily industrialized corporate world housing numerous shipyards. Several production yards at Farhgraid were manufacturing runs of the AF11, and as a result many were stored and available both in orbitals and at planetside bases awaiting final delivery. E.O.C. forces that assaulted Farhgraid had a number of squadrons of AF11s recently commissioned. In the resulting battle it was often hard to tell friend from foe.

CREDITS: Davorama (a.k.a Davo, Beyondbent, Powerfusion3D, PoserFusion3D), All the great Kitbashers who have posted images of assemblies with Davo's sets that inspired me.
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